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The fast fatten technology of wave Er goat
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The goat that the country raises in December age weight does not cross 15 kilogram, earth is planted sheep in December age weight is controlled in 25 kilogram. Grow the reason with slow rate: It is inbreeding, the constitution degrades; 2 it is ignored drive bug, used up a large number of nutrition; 3 it is to did not have scientific burden, cannot satisfy a sheep to grow only the nutrient need of development. Want to make fleshy sheep grows fast, must master the following skill:

1, our country of choice breed sheep still uses ovine variety without the flesh, rely on to introduce bodily form only the foreign breed with big, good performance yield the pulp and home are thoroughbred plant with local earth the sheep uses test-tube method, obtain sheep of cross commodity flesh. Be like: Wave Er goat and local goat cross. Crossbred sheep shows stronger crossbred dominant position, grow strong, feed changes force of fast, disease-resistant rate is high,

2, drive helminth is before ovine fatten ought to drive bug. With Zun of Mi of efficient anthelmintic Zunxuan, by every kilogram weight 8 milligram are dissolved to warm boiled water, match the aqueous solution of 5% , make intramuscular injection, but a variety of round bug inside drive sheep body and wireworm; With sulfur double 2 chloric phenol, press every kilogram weight 80 milligram, add a few flour to water 250 milliliter, fill of empty raw meat or fish is taken, can drive sheep liver piece fluke and tapeworm; Poodle hind uses dipping of 1%-2% dipterex fluid, eliminate the helminth outside body. This avoided the nutrient loss with only additional sheep, assure fatten result.

3, scientific burden compares two economic feed prescription to introduce as follows now: (1) corn flour 45% , rice chaff 20% , soya-bean cake 10% , cottonseed cake 15% , Mai Fu 12% , soya-bean cake 30% , salt 1% , fish meal is broken % , after kid ablactations daily feed 150 grams, as day age grow, day feeds a quantity to be able to add 200 grams, june age feed 400 grams, age day feeds 7-8 month 500 grams. Afore-mentioned two recipes but optional a kind, sheep fatten is wait with fry of green hay, pachyrhizus and corn straw for fundamental ration, batch is fed as compensatory feed only with.

4, add feed additive commonly used additive has the following kinds: (1) ovine fertilizer is fat compound feed additive. Be metabolize by microelement, rumen conditioning agent, grow the composition such as accelerant. Apply to in those days sheep and wash out fatten of sheep of manhood of ram, the old and weak. Put shepherd to fill feed fatten of product, compound 90 days, average day weightening finish 137 grams, can raise fatten effect and economic benefits significantly, shorten fatten period, managing feed. (2) natrium of Mo Nengjun element, renown rumen element. Action is control and raise rumen to ferment efficiency, raise weightening finish speed and feed to change thereby rate. Dosage adds 25-30 milligram for every kilogram ration. (3) Kui alcohol, name fast Yo is clever, fight bacterium agent for synthesis. Have stimulative protein assimilation, every kilogram ration adds 50 milligram. (4) urea. Its purpose is inadequacy of the protein in compensatory feed, the raise in be being mixed in product by 1.5%-2% is fed. Everyday 0.02% what the amount that raise feeds holds ovine weight, grow up namely ewe day feeds quantity 10-15 gram, in June age gram of 6-8 of above youth sheep, feed a quantity to be able to be fed by the 1/10 of normal weight only first, increase gradually. Come 10 days to be able to add normal weight later. To prevent urea toxic, urea cannot be fed alone, also cannot dissolve is fed at water, hello do not water inside second half hour. Be fed less to ill sheep, weak sheep or do not feed, in case discover toxic sheep, take with the milliliter of the 200-500 that feed vinegar of 0.5% or fill of 1-2 kilogram yoghurt can rescue.
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