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Nutrition lacks the relationship of as progenitive as the sheep obstacle
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Nurture pledges normal to the sheep physiology function is indispensible, all nutrient material are having direct or indirect effect always to ovine breed. Clinical on the progenitive obstacle that common nutrient lack brings about has feed to expect the quantity is insufficient, protein lack, vitamin lack and mineral lack. In the meantime, nutrition is superfluous also can make ovine fertility drops, bring about nutritional not Yo.

Nutrition lacks the influence of progenitive to differring phase

The sheep is opposite in different physiology level nutrient requirement is endless and identical, growing, there is respective distinctive need in the phase such as development and secrete breast, breed the function has firmer demand to nutrient condition especially, when nutrition is lacked, breed is affected above all. For normal to maintaining progenitive function, the nutrition of ewe needs relatively ram is more strict. It is maladjusted and OK that normally nutrient material absorbs insufficient, excessive or proportion the affection at the beginning of defer period, lower oviposit rate and be impregnated rate, cause embryo or fetal death, postpartum lack affection period lengthen.

One, material of affection period nutrition absorbs insufficient meeting to make first of the sheep first affection period defer. The protein content in ration and the age of affection shows positive to close first, depasture on bad careless field character or excessive coarse fodder is used in grass raise is fed, because protein absorbs insufficient meeting,make first affection period defer.

2, the impact that the oviposit that oviposit leads nutrition to lack pair of sheep leads wants a course to just can see more for long, grown ewe show is normally apparent. To sheep, raise protein intake to be able to raise oviposit to lead.

3, the nutrient level that gravid sheep reachs oviposit from beginning to end before hybridization lives to embryo the effect that having a key, exorbitant or nutrient level is too low live and grow of can serious cloggy embryo. When the energy that restricts ewe is absorbed, the harm that the young person with body poor condition and senile ewe get is the greatest, delay embryonic development; Level of gravid and inchoate nutrition is exorbitant, can cause serous progesterone chroma to drop, also can affect embryonic growth, cause death even, progesterone of sex of the source outside inject can remove this kind of effect.

4, postpartum and progenitive ewe is postpartum and ovarian functional refreshment, its nutrition state is having very main effect. Ewe is postpartum for secrete breast, uterus restores, maintain body condition and new extensive resurgent breed function, relatively pressing to nutrient demand. If this is first-order paragraph of inanition of supply, often can cause not Yo, postpartum lengthen to hybridization time interval, appear nutritional lack affection.

All sorts of nutrition material lack pair of progenitive influences
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