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Cold sheep of small remaining part in those days kid is fast fatten law
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Fatten method
Depasture fatten law depastures the key of fattening is water, grass, salt, be short of one cannot. Before depasturing half period can use a few poorer careless field, careless slope, second half period chooses good careless field to depasture as far as possible, final phase, lucerne careless field is like in field of high grade grass or autumn stubble child the ground depastures.
Composition of ration of law of the fatten that abandon raise should contain 60%~70 % coarse fodder, straw 10%~20 % and 30%~40 % concentrated feed, freedom letting a sheep is collected feed.
Mixture fatten law basically is to depasture the fatten method that adds filling raise. General and daily depasture 8 hours or so, fill twice early, late with time feed feed, product feeds a quantity to be daily gram of ~500 of every 250 grams. Rough stuff not set limit to.
Move ground fatten standard is specific include the following two kinds of means: It is a mountainous area breed, campagna fatten; 2 it is breed of a pasturing area, farming area fatten. the kid with these two progenitive areas, the Campagna with better to product, ambient conditions move or farming area, can improve fatten result effectively.

A few problems that should note
Processing of oestrus of the corresponding period uses hormone to make oestrus of ewe the corresponding period, can make hybridization time is centered, be helpful for Yang Qun fatten, managing labour force, this specializations to fat kid, the factory is changed whole batch production is indispensable one annulus. The most important is the advantage with test-tube play, expand outstanding of kind of ram use, make kid age orderly, facilitating management.
If surpass special, Xia Luo to reach Safuke to wait without horny contented,the flesh that begins economic cross our country extensively to be introduced early or late uses ovine variety with the meat with good performance, all can serve as male parent, small remaining part cold sheep has economic cross as female parent, in order to raise fat kid yield.
Kid of seasonable and emasculated fatten is emasculated inside week of 1 week of ~3, be helpful for improving fleshy quality, make the flesh qualitative delicate, little smell of mutton, the sheep is softhearted, facilitating fatten and management.
Inchoate break breast to be able to be in in Feburary age ablactation fatten, do not affect kid to grow development, be helpful for ewe shifting to an earlier date hybridization, achieve 1 year of 2 embryoes or 2 years of 3 embryoes, the purpose with much productive embryo, raise breed thereby rate, rate giving column and quantity yield the pulp.
After sheep of fatten of seasonable drive bug ablactations, mix autumn time fastens drive bug 1 times.
Strengthen raise become traditional extensive is abandon raise elaborate assault fatten, reasonable and tie-in feed, make kid controls a column in half an year. Recommend a recipe: Green hay pink of straw of 40 % , corn 37 % , soya-bean cake cake of 5 % , cotton 4 % , corn 14 % . Raise with this formula feed, 5 months ~6 month, weight can amount to 40 kilograms or so.
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