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Grow to need with the nutrition of fattening
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Will tell from the angle of character magnanimity, ovine growth and fattening are behaved increase with quantity yield the pulp for weightening finish. But the different physiology phase in the sheep, weightening finish has very big difference to the need of nutrient material.
(One) growth nutrition needs a sheep from be born to 1. 5 years old, muscle, skeleton and the growth that each organ organizes are rapidder, the protein with deposit and many need and mineral, be born to first especially in August age, it is the sheep gives birth to later period to grow the phase with the rapiddest growth, taller to need quantity of nutrition. Kid is in lactation early days (0 ~ 8 week age) milk of main support mother will satisfy its nutrition need, after that period (9 ~ 16 Zhou Ling) , must fill alone to kid raise. The growth of lactation kid growth is very rapid, every kilograms of weightening finish needs a mother to breed 5 kilograms are controlled only. After kid ablactations, day weightening finish slightly a few lower, below certain filling raise condition, kid in August age the day weightening finish before can maintain in 100 ~ 200 grams are controlled. The goat of prep above of day weightening finish of sheep. Of ovine weightening finish can eating part basically is protein (muscle) and adipose. In different physiology phase of the sheep, protein and adipose deposition are different, for example, when weight is 10 kilograms, protein deposition can occupy the 35 % of weightening finish; Weight is in 50 ~ 60 kilograms when, this scale drops to be controlled for 10 % , the scale of adipose deposit rises apparently. Earlier stage is become in the Yo of kid, weightening finish rate is rapid, the feed pay of every kilograms of weightening finish tall, cost is low. Yo becomes later stage (in August age later) ovine growth development still did not end, taller to nutrient level requirement, the thick albumen level of ration should maintain in 14 % ~ 16 % (day is collected feed can digest protein 135 ~ 160 grams) . Yo is become period later (1. 5 years old) the metabolic range of ovine weight is not big, along with seasonal, fodder, gravid have certain increase and decrease with the different situation such as lambing, main show is body adipose deposit or use up.

(2) the purpose of the nutrient need fattening of fattening should increase namely hotpot and adipose etc can eat a part, improve hotpot quality. The fattening of kid is given priority to with adding muscle, and basically be to increase to grown sheep adipose. Accordingly, the fattening of grown sheep, demand of protein to ration level is not high, want to be able to provide enough energy fodder only, can obtain better fattening result. If our country is northward,a pasturing area is in sheep before butcher (1. 5 ~ 2 months) use short-term depasture fattening, can increase amount yield the pulp already, ameliorable hotpot character, increase the income that raise a sheep.

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