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Produce the nutrient need of the grandma
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Producing a milk is the important physiology function of ewe. The growth that the secrete of ewe breeds the quantity affects kid directly development, also affect the economic benefits that milch goat produces at the same time. Sheep grandma and goat grandma divide the respect such as content, character to have certain difference in battalion nurturance. Generally speaking, goat milk divides tall, butterfat low, smell of mutton is bigger, content of the casein in lacteal protein is tallish, cheese products is a bit crude, but the goat's yield suckles a quantity taller, it is the principal part that expands milch goat production. The battalion nurturance such as the casein in ovine grandma, albumin, butterfat and lactose is divided, it is feed in nonexistent, must pass mammary synthesis. When the carbohydrate in feed and protein in short supply, can affect amount yield a milk, shorten secrete breeds period. Suckle a goat to high yield, rely on to depasture only or fill feed hay to cannot satisfy the nutrient need that produces a milk, need fibrous root occupies the discretion of quantity yield a milk, fill feed a certain quantity of mixture product. According to determining, grandma of every 1 kilogram of goats is contained 0. The net energy of unit of 46 kilograms of feed, 49 grams can digest protein, 2. 8 grams calcium and 2. 2 grams phosphor, in addition still contain a certain quantity of mineral microelement and vitamin. In the filling raise product that suckles a goat, the content of calcic, phosphor and scale suckle a quantity to have more apparent effect to producing, scale of more reasonable calcium, phosphor is 1. 5 ~ 1.7:1. Vitamin A, D suckles a quantity to have apparent effect to suckling the goat's yield, must complement from inside ration, be in especially when abandoning raise to raise, offer enougher viridescence to the sheep juicily feed, have accelerate the effect that produces a milk. According to observation, when vitamin D is being lacked in breeding when the mother, the kid absorption to calcic, phosphor and use ability to drop, the growth of kid of be a hindrance to and development.