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The modulation method of ovine feed
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Careful feed wheat bran but agitate is fed in the raise in watering, melon is dry but alone raise is fed. Corn child sell but the raise after pulverize and coarse fodder mix is fed, such, concentrated feed can adhere to the surface in coarse fodder, the dainty sex that can increase coarse fodder and collect appetite. Legume seed needs to immerse with boiled water or be thoroughlied cook, wear a fermented drink made from ground beans adds raise of biology bacterium fluid to feed, the effect is best. Colza cake book goes just can be being used after poison, usable 4-5 times 80 ℃ - the hot water of 90 ℃ immerses 1.5 hours, at the same time ceaseless agitate, after drop works with 1 ∶ 5-2 centimeter mixture raise feeds long coarse fodder.

Juicily feed can cut the juicily feed such as little sweet potato, pumpkin, turnip, Chinese cabbage fine, agitate is in coarse fodder, can complement already nutrition, can improve the dainty sex of feed again, enhance ovine appetite, promote peristalsis of path of its stomach bowel, reduce rumen accumulating to feed, the occurence rate of the disease such as alvine road block, raise digestive rate.

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