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Fleshy sheep is commonly used the modulation technology of coarse fodder
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Modulation method: The water content of viridescence feed is 65% ~ commonly 85% , need reduces 20% ability of 15 % ~ to make sure the plant is enzymatic and microbial enzymatic activity, in order to achieve the goal of reserve hay. Reserve hay can use field and dry method, this also is to bask in hay prevailing method.
The modulation of straw of sweet potato cane, earthnut basically is to cut short. Cut short can reduce waste already, can rise again collect appetite. Cut 3 centimeters of ~ commonly 4 centimeters paragraphs small, mix gramineous hay and leguminous hay collocation as far as possible raise is fed.
The cauline leaf part that after crop is harvested, remains.
After the course machines modulation, nutrient value and dainty sex rise somewhat, it is the main feed of ovine winter filling raise, main modulation method is as follows.
Cut short and smash
Hay straw can be cut short to 2 centimeters of ~ 3 centimeters grow, or smash with disintegrator, but unfavorable smash meticulously or become pulverous state, lest cause regurgitation backwater, lower digestive rate.
Straw grinds blueness
On bleachery, 30 centimeters of thick wheat straw are made an appointment with on the shop first, spread about 30 centimeters bright clove again, it is finally above lucerne the straw that extends about 30 centimeters, be ground with stone or packer is ground pressure, lucerne squash, juice current goes out to be absorbed by wheat straw. Shorten already so the time with dry clove, reduce the loss of nutrient, raised the nutrient value of wheat straw and utilization rate again.
Straw grain feed
One kind waits for carapace of straw, not plump and hay after smashing, according to nutrient need of the sheep, cooperate proper product, gooey (dextrin and beet broken bits) , vitamin and mineral additive mix even, with the machine production gives the grain feed of different measurement and appearance. Straw and autumn carapace is 30% ~ in the appropriate content in grain feed 50% . Value of nutrition of this kind of feed is overall, volume is minor, be saved easily and carry. Another kind is straw adds urea. Course of action is after smashing straw, add urea (take amount of all ration total nitrogen 30% ) , gooey (an urea ∶ 5 ~ 10 gooey) , product, vitamin and mineral, suppress becomes shape of grain, cake or lump. Content of crude protein of this kind of feed is higher, dainty sex is good, conduce to defer ammonia to release rate mediumly in rumen, prevent toxic, can reduce feed cost, managing protein feed.
Ammoniation feed
Because ammonia can destroy the firm rate between the lignin in straw and cellulose, can raise the digestive rate of straw so. The nitrogen that contains in ammonia at the same time still can raise the thick protein content of feed.
The specific means of straw ammoniation is, straw stow, irrigate the ammonia water of 20% in 100 kilogram straw commonly 12 kilogram, the temperature of its liquefied ammonia not under 20 ℃ , chase a layer to pile banish layer to spray, use plastic film finally sealed. Also can put the straw that has mixed Chi Zhongmi to shut or inside polybag sealed. Via the straw of processing, year season needs ~ 15 days 20 days, the summer 7 days of ~ 10 days, winter 45 days of ~ sealed ability open of 50 days, 1 day of ~ should be placed 2 days after unsealing, make redundant ammonia volatilizes square but raise is fed.
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