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Choose kind of sheep to want " 5 look "

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⒈ should treat actual condition of place
The most significant step that raises fleshy sheep to produce property quickly is economic cross use, reform with breed sheep through introducing good meat local sheep breed grows with raising its speed and function yield the pulp. Each district wants kind of qualitative characteristic according to local breed, introduce a fine variety of specific aim ground reforms, with raising a place the goat's function is mixed grow speed. Below the case that the condition permits, should do cross first improved experiment, define improved goal again, lest be mixed into introduce a fine variety by accident,fry kind of odd group.
⒉ should see type of build or figure
The type of build or figure that should see Yang Qun, fertilizer is thin wait for a state with appearance, in order to judge the purity of breed and health. Kind hair color of the sheep, head dummy, horn and bodily form should accord with breed standard, can ask help of pasturage technology personnel. Kind ovine bodily form, body condition and constitution should bear fruit, prothorax wants wide deep, arms and legs is sturdy, musculature develops. Ram wants a head big magnificent, eye has growth of god, spermary greatly well-balanced, sexual desire is exuberant, should notice whether odd Gao or concealed Gao particularly; Ewe wants a waist to grow a leg growth of tall, breast is good. Ministry of bosom stricture, Kao tilts, hang down limb of celiac sunken back, around is shown " X " the ewe of shape, should not be kind with.
⒊ should see the age
Main support tooth will judge, the goat shares 32 teeth, among them 8 fore-tooth are in endlong chin.
8 fore-tooth when kid 3-4 Zhou Ling are long already neat, for ivory, more orderly, figure is tall and narrow, be close to senior post form, call calf's teeth, right now sheep is called " former mouth " or " lacteal mouth " ; To 12-14 after lunar age, most center two fore-tooth fall off, change on two bigger teeth, color of this kind of tooth is yellower, appearance is wide and short, near a square, call permanent a tooth-like part of anything, right now sheep is called " 2 teeth " or " to the tooth " ; Change a pair of teeth every year about later, when changing permanent a tooth-like part of anything entirely to 8 fore-tooth, the sheep is called " neat mouth " .
So, "Former mouth " the sheep that the sheep points to 1 year old of less than, "To the tooth " for 1-1.5 year old, "4 teeth " for 1.5-2 year old, "6 teeth " for 2.5-3 year old, "8 teeth " for 3-4 year old. After 4 years old, basically grind face and size of space of slit between the teeth to judge Yang Ling according to fore-tooth; The dental cross section of 5 years old of sheep shows a circle, aperture appears between the tooth; The aperture between the tooth when 6 years old broadens, the tooth shortens; The tooth when 7 years old is shorter, begin to fall off when 8 years old.
Want to observe a tooth carefully when introduce a fine variety, judge Yang Ling, lest bring Laoyang by accident.
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