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Technology of hybridization of essence of aspic of goat of Liaoning cloth with s

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Begin further as what goat of Liaoning cloth with soft nap raises employment, application is outstanding hybridization of kind of ram aspic essence, the area of group of improved low yield and farmer are added gradually much. But will look from the result that applies in recent years, the range of change of be impregnated rate of hybridization of essence of various places aspic is bigger, it is 25.6%~86.8% commonly. The author reachs a few experience that aspic matchs according to aspic energy production, defrost, trim the technical point when hybridization of essence of aspic of goat of Liaoning cloth with soft nap, offer broad the reference when raising an operation.

1, the method losing essence of life with the age proper choice according to ewe
When aspic essence hybridization, strong age the be impregnated of ewe leads prep above young age ewe, effect of the seminiferous inside cervix is good lose essence of life at the vagina. Strong age ewe falls in oestrus condition, cervix mouth opens business good, essence of life is defeated to be able to obtain satisfactory be impregnated result inside cervix, general deepness losing essence of life is 1.0cm of ~ of the 0.5cm inside cervix mouth; Young age ewe falls in oestrus condition, cervix mouth is shown close condition or ajar position partly, cannot make essence of life loses inside cervix, can undertake vaginal bottom loses essence of life, namely ewe falls in handstand condition, between aperture of the mouth outside inputting seminal fluid cervix, rely on gravitational action to flow into cervix mouth inside, be defeated by essence of life to end, flap suddenly with the hand the human body after ewe, stimulative ewe abdominal muscle is contractive, move with benefit spermatozoon.

2, master oestrus duration, timely hybridization
Test-tube hybridization, freeze especially hybridization of essence of life masters duration of good ewe oestrus to be led to raising ewe be impregnated crucial. The case such as the physiology change that ewe oestrus duration can from sexual behavior, reproduction and oestrus time will conclude. The appropriate oestrus symptom of ewe is: Place again and again be close to ram end, actively and accept ram to climb cross, bleat ceaselessly, climb to cross other ewe or be climbed to cross by other ewe, appetite drops, wrestle aggravate. Have the aid of opens Zhi implement observe the vagina with hand report: Visible and mucous show neck of a bit ropy shape, uterus to open business colour and lustre of mucous membrane of good, vagina is pink, the mucous membrane of hoar mucous membrane and old red states oestrus is less than duration respectively or ham already. Because situation of ewe age, fat is different and the oestrus duration of ewe is different. Strong age sheep is 24h ~ 36h commonly, young age sheep is 5h ~ 12h commonly, and very irregular, the aged sheep is 12h ~ 24h commonly. Of oestrus of the ewe when optimum hybridization time in later period. Accordingly, strong age ewe should undertake hybridization in the 12h after oestrus, young age sheep can be depended on without the rule because of oestrus, should oestrus matchs namely, and the aged ewe should be after 10h of oestrus 8h ~ undertake hybridization.

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