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Sheep inbreeding is easy cause " two fall one tall " malady, namely: The sheep produces function to drop only, breed degrades, grow stunt, produce the flesh to produce wool quantity to reduce 50 % left and right sides; Progenitive rate falls, inbreeding causes strange embryo, miscarriage, change embryo, stillborn foetus to appear ceaselessly; Sheep disease-resistant force is poor, mortality is tall. Precautionary measures basically has 3:

One, exchange is planted ram. Use two years continuously in kind of ram in a Yang Qun, undertake exchanging with kind of ram of same breed in other Yang Qun next. Reduce inbreeding number.

2, kind ram is raised alone. To hybridization season, according to kin, choose kind of ram with far kin, undertake assisting hybridization or artificial be fertilized artificially. Use this kind of method to be able to avoid inbreeding not only, and can dominate ewe lambing time, lengthen kind of ram to use fixed number of year.

3, generous countryside, village is counted in Yang Qun, should build a sheep only artificial be fertilized stands. Be fertilized station should build filing system, include registration form of breed of card of kind of fair, ewe, ewe, kid registration form and offspring determine record sheet. Had case of this first gear, kin was clear about, OK designedly seed selection is chosen match, avoid inbreeding.

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