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One year two embryoes mix cold sheep of implementation small remaining part two

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One, arrange hybridization scientificly
Number of day of cold sheep be pregnant is small remaining part on average 150 days or so, postpartum many days of 40 most ewe but oestrus hybridization, if careful arrangement breed plans, time of reasonable and affirmatory hybridization, can come true one year two produce or two years 3 produce.
Age of cold sheep of small remaining part two season oestrus relatively concentration, so a year of two embryoes, can be in 3-4 month hybridization, 8-9 produces per month kid; 9-10 month hybridization, 2-3 month can produce the 2nd embryo second year. After the kid that 2-3 month produces ablactations, lying green grass busy season, it is the good season that breeds mothball sheep; The kid that 8-9 month produces, after ablactationing, through fatten, be the inning that winter supplies kid flesh to the market.
Two years the Yang Ke of 3 embryoes is in 8-9 month hybridization, lambing of month of the 2nd year of 1-2; 3-4 month hybridization, 8-9 month lambing; 10-11 month hybridization, month of the 3rd year of 3-4 lambing, if,raising ovine field complementary better with effect of technology of oestrus of the corresponding period.
2, oestrus of the corresponding period
Oestrus of the corresponding period, use certain hormone preparation to be controlled artificially namely, adjust the process of a flock of ewe oestrus cycle, make oestrus is centered inside proper time, so that designedly is reasonable,organize hybridization.
The medicaments of oestrus of the corresponding period of ⒈ commonly used cycle
With Yu Yang at present medicaments of oestrus of the corresponding period is two kinds commonly, one kind is the preparation that restrains oestrus, belong to progestational hormone kind material, wait like ketone of Nuo of ketone of Nuo of progesterone, armour progesterone, armour ground progesterone, alkyne, chloric progesterone, chloric progesterone, 18 methylic alkyne, they maintain certain level in blood, can restrain follicular growth development; Another kind is to using the hormone of hurried sexual gland that cooperates to use on afore-mentioned medicaments foundations, if close to,element of follicular element, hurried corpus luteum, PMSG is mixed HCG, and have promote inside the hormone of hurried sexual gland that the source closes to sexual gland hormone releases action releases hormone (GNRH) . Using these hormone is to promote follicular growth, maturity and oviposit, make the corresponding period of oestrus oviposit is changed achieve higher rate, get better be impregnated is led.
The processing technique of oestrus of ⒉ the corresponding period
Commonly used it is vaginal embolism law, take an expanded plastics, diameter and ply want a foundation the size with only individual sheep and calm, it is 2-3 each commonly centimeter, too small easy surge, too big easy cause ewe exert duty, also can be squeezed to go out, in the filament on the fasten on expanded plastics, the other one aspect of the matter of the line brings anus besides, facilitate when handling an end, be pulled. expanded plastics dip with solution of progestational hormone preparation () of as oily as the plant interblend, reach cervix mouth point with Qian Sai length a handle. Place 14-16 day to be taken out, flesh registered PMSG400-700 international unit that day, the ewe majority that is handled after 2-3 day behaves oestrus, oestrus lost essence of life each with morrow that day.
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