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The manufacturing function of cold sheep of small remaining part
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1, progenitive function.
Maturity of sex of cold sheep of small remaining part is early, can all the year round oestrus hybridization, progenitive cycle is short, lambing rate is high. Fair, ewe is in commonly 5---Age sex is mature in June, ewe 6---In July age, ram 10---In December age can begin hybridization breed. Ewe oestrus cycle is average 17 days, gestation 149 days, postpartum rut 1---3 months, progenitive cycle 6---8 months, a year of two embryoes or two years of 3 embryoes. Ewe 2-4 of every embryo lambing, amount to 7 at most, along with the embryo rate of second growth lambing increases. Average lambing leads the group 270% , outclass is domestic and international other sheep breed.
2, the flesh uses property.
Cold hotpot of small remaining part uses property admirable, inchoate grow growth is rapid, maturity is early, easy fattening, comfortable at inchoate butcher. In raise a condition goodly to fall, in March age fair kid ablactations weight amounts to 26 kilograms, body weighs 13.6 kilograms, clean flesh weighs 10.4 kilograms; Age mother lamb ablactationed in March weight amounts to 24 kilograms, body weighs 12.5 kilograms, clean flesh weighs 9.6 kilograms. In June age ram weight can amount to 46 kilograms, body weighs 23.6 kilograms, clean flesh weighs 18.4 kilograms; In June age ewe weight can amount to 42 kilograms, body weighs 21.9 kilograms, clean flesh weighs 16.8 kilograms. Butcher of sheep of fatten of one full year of life is led 55.6% , clean flesh is led 45.89% .
Cold hotpot of small remaining part is qualitative delicate, between flesh adipose submit marble grain form, fertilizer is thin measurable, delicious and juicily, fat and not be bored with, bright and not the smell of mutton. And nutrition is rich, protein content is high, cholesterol content is low, all sorts of amino acid that contain a lot ofhuman body to need, vitamin, mineral element, it is old, weak, Fu, young all the delicate cate that the nourishing beautiful of appropriate is tasted and people loves.
3, control fur coat and curry function.
Cold sheep of small remaining part 4---In June age budge, curry value is high, treatment is ripe after making, board qualitative thin, weight is light, quality of a material is tough, mao Sejie is like jade in vain, burnish is downy, the twist together that spend a turn is close together, beautiful case clarity is beautiful. Its make can of fur coat value and our country's famous beach sheep 2 flix photograph is rivalled, and fur area compares beach sheep however 2 flix are gotten greatly much. Cold sheep of small remaining part 1---In June age budge, wool beautiful turn is much, huasui is beautiful, it is the beautiful with winter cold keep out is tasted. Grown sheepskin area is large, quality of a material is tough, comfortable at curry, area of skin of a piece of grown ram can amount to 12240-13493 square centimeter, be equivalent to area of 2.48 pieces of of national level fancy skins. Accordingly, curry value is very high, after treatment tan is made, it is to make the leather such as various fur clothing, portfolio and industrial high grade raw material of the skin.
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