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Of ovine uterus emergence prevent beforehand
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Wait for the influence of the element because of illumination, climate, it is Qiu Peichun more numerous, and be withered careless season right now, most ewe wait with corn straw for feed, fat condition is poorer, blame with the the aged and the ewe with bosom more kid is more outstanding, childbirth around divides expressional lambing faint, be difficult to do, production breaks down outside waiting for a disease, common uterus is taken off completely.

The expert understands disease.

⑴ pathogeny: During ewe is pregnant, be not worth as a result of feed and motion, raise management undesirable, the constitution is frail, and reach via producing vagina of the aged sheep the tissue is excessive and flabby all round the uterus, send parturient palace emergence easily consequently; Fetal reach dual greatly too gravid, can cause uterine ligament overreach and atony, emergence of uterus of postpartum easy also generation; Produce dry, aid produce when exert duty is acuteness, take out fetal too fierce, cause uterine emergence easily; The perfusion inside constipation, diarrhoea, uterus is excitant medical fluid, exert duty is frequent, answer internal pressure is elevatory, also can produce this disease.

⑵ symptom: Ill sheep nutrition is poorer, the heartbeat is accelerated, breath is accelerated. Conjunctiva cyanosis, irritating, still have exert duty appearance sometimes. The uterus is complete the ill sheep of emergence, as a result of again and again exert duty, aching uneasiness and those who have haemorrhage appearance, if take step not in time, regular meeting happening gives courage and uprightness or aching sex shock dies, because uterine emergence is longer,have, the ill sheep of mental occurrence depressed, often also fail as a result of the whole body and die.

The expert treats a disease.

① precaution: Strengthen at ordinary times raise management, assure feed quality, make ovine body position good; During be pregnant, make sure the sheep has enough campaign, in order to heighten uterine sarcous tension; The ewe of much embryo, in postpartum inside 14 hours must careful attention produces a sheep, so that discover ill sheep in time, have treatment as soon as possible; When afterbirth does not fall, do not pull forcibly absolutely; Produce when the method is dry, pull fetal before, answer to produce fill of the besmear inside the path a large number of oil kind, apply after be pulled palace is taken immediately, in order to prevent uterine emergence.

② cure: Executive uterus operation, inchoate whole answer can make the uterus recovers from an illness. Move is as follows: Come off above all afterbirth, clean an uterus with 3% cold aluminous water, mention ovine hind legs next, push the uterus pelvic cavity of to the marrow gradually, use palace belt to prevent an uterus again emergence. In cannot rectify answer or discovery has on uterine wall very big gap, big scar or necrotic when, should execute an uterus to excise art.

Origin: " the sheep is common essentials of ill make a diagnosis and give treatment "
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