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The cure that the sheep aborts
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Ovine abortion is to show ewe is gravid interrupt, or fetal and insufficient month dies with respect to eduction uterus. Abortion divides miscarriage, abortion, premature delivery.

  The expert understands disease.

⑴ pathogeny: Infectivity aborts, see at bacili of cloth family name ill, curved bacili disease, wool drips more bug is ill. The person that be not infectivity, misshape at the uterus it is thus clear that, placental and necrotic, caul is phlogistic wait with disease of amniotic fluid grow in quantity; Medical disease, be like pneumonic, nephritis, poisonous plant toxic, salt agriculture chemical is toxic, toxic; Nutrient metabolization obstacle is ill, like inorganic salt lack, microelement is not worth or superfluous, inadequacy of E of vitamin A, vitamin, feed freezes and become moldy etc; Surgery is ill, be like traumatic, septicemia, and carriage jam also can cause miscarriage.
⑵ symptom: Produce the person that abort suddenly, antenatal shows without properties commonly. Come on slow person, expressional spirit not beautiful, appetite stops, lie since bellyacke, exert duty baa cries, the pussy pours out of amniotic fluid, after waiting for fetal eduction, be a bit quiet. If be in,be the same as a flock of in the cause of disease is same, appear in succession abortion, till abortion of fall victim ewe ends, just can stabilize come down. Traumatic sex delivers ill result, can make the sheep produces recessive miscarriage, namely fetal not outside eduction body, proper motion is deliquescent, form fetal bone to remain at the uterus. Differ as a result of what get traumatic rate, those who get hurt is fetal often bleed because of caul, come off, at figuring hour or system of several days of eduction outside.

   The expert treats a disease.

Prevent and cure: Fetal to the insufficient month of eduction or death is fetal, do not need to undertake special processing, undertake nursing to ewe only. To having the ewe of abortive foreboding, fluid of inject of ketone of usable corpus luteum (contain 15 milligram) , 1 intramuscular injection. When stillborn foetus stops, should use induced labor or aid produce measure. Fetal death, when cervix did not leave, estrogen should inject inside flesh first, if ethylene is female phenol or benzoic acid are female milligram of 2 mellow 2-3, make cervix opens business, next from produce pull fetal. When symptom of ewe occurrence whole body, answer disease to treat.

Origin: " the sheep is common essentials of ill make a diagnosis and give treatment "