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Sheep of cause source county is numerous change year add receive close ten milli
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Daqing net dispatch (Qi Gaoliang of reporter of Wang Xiaobing daily) Zhao Yuan county is planted in the light of sheep group of quality degrade, benefit is low coarse and real problem, increased the improved strength to sheep, through increasing capital devoted, executive science and technology is numerous change, the character that enlarged the measure such as kind of sheep base to improve sheep, improve the beneficial result that raises a sheep. Current, entire county is planted the foundation of ovine base is planted Yang Qun already amounted to 589, improved already sheep many 20, sheep is numerous change make raise ovine door year add close 9.62 million.
This county investment was built 800 thousand yuan those who cover an area of a face to accumulate 200 thousand square metre is high grade kind of ovine breed base. Buy beauty of blooded heart flesh and Tekesaier to plant ram each 3, beauty of blooded heart flesh and Tekesaier are planted ewe each 10, blessing of hoary head Sa overcomes kind of ram 2, pure northeast fine-wool sheep 100. The embryonic transplanting operation that carries out 109 sheep successfully at the same time, obtain beautiful kid of blooded heart flesh 28, blooded Tekesaier kid 35. Besides to planting the construction of ovine breed base invests outside, they still are entire county through the method of allowance of city, county 16 villages and towns introduce beauty of blooded heart flesh to plant ram 86, introduce heart flesh beauty to take the place of high kind of ram 217, introduce inside ram of unconscious large remaining part 150, offer advantage to popularize sheep to reform.
Cause source county still increased science and technology numerous the promotion strength that change, wait for kind of ram to enter pedestrian labour insemination and tall era through beautiful to introduced heart flesh, Tekesaier second kind the sheep hands in ewe of improved this locality originally, improved the quality of sheep, every only improved sheep adds the meat on average at least 5 kilograms, add wool 2 kilograms, raise an improved Yang Ke to be breed door add receive 120 yuan, 81 thousand improved sheep add entire county every year receive many yuan 1000. Justice the village raises the Xi Yishun that arrange native place Jin Fujia of ovine door king has 34 northeast 2 fine fur become ewe, with Gaodaicide fleshy beauty reforms produce lamb 39, 20 use as only kid fatten, after raise feeds 6 months, all weigh 44 kilograms, more average than common sheep weightening finish 5.5 kilograms, through science and technology numerous change him to raise a sheep year increase economic benefits 3000 multivariate.