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The hybridization method of goat of cloth with soft nap
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The hybridization method cent of goat of cloth with soft nap is freedom copulatory and assist artificially copulatory two kinds of means.

Freedom is copulatory be in namely blame hybridization is seasonal, fair, ewe is raised apart, hybridization season makes 100 ewe put 3 ~ 4 ram have freedom copulatory. This kind of method compares comfortable Yu Xiaoqun to distributing dispersedly the Yang Qun in high mountain clough, convenient save trouble, but cannot produce actor adequately the action of thoroughbred ram, affect Yang Qun quality raise; to master lambing time hard, easy because freeze, pressure, walk because cross chaos matchs,bring about kid death; , cannot make a thorough investigation of ability of hybridization of sheep of on business of blood relationship; loses by force different, mutual horn fight matchs ewe, date of easy protraction hybridization, form kid day age difference is too big, yo kid is bad to manage; easy cause oestrus ewe to match early, make Yang Qun quality drops; fair ewe is mixed group depasture, ram angle ewe, absoluteness copulatory, cannot set his mind at to browse, waste ram energy already, also affect ewe to collect feed; to if vaginitis, cervix is phlogistic,enlarge transmission reproduction disease easily etc.

Assist artificially copulatory, namely hive off of all the year round of fair, ewe depastures, daily during hybridization morning uses ram trying affection (wether) try affection, oestrus ewe winkle, again with appoint ram copulatory.

Ram trying affection. In the Yang Qun that raises in the group, because ewe oestrus symptom is not apparent, oestrus lasts period short, oestrus sheep is discovered not easily, assisting into pedestrian labour copulatory reach test-tube before should search oestrus ewe with ram trying affection, facilitate seasonable hybridization.

Try affection. Want pair of ram trying affection to undertake handling above all: It is law of cloth trying affection, with 40 × 35 centimeters of calico, quadrilateral the belt on the hammer, fasten is trying affection the waist of ram, the penis of ram bag lives. 2 it is ligation seminiferous duct or shift penis law: Carry surgical operation, ligation tries affection the seminiferous duct of ram, or its penis shift, made deviate is normal posture. Former can copulatory cannot become pregnant, latter cannot copulatory.

Time trying affection. Try affection to be in commonly before giving herd early, put in herd hind 's charge late to undertake. Particular way is: With 1 ∶ ram trying affection 40 or so scale is put into ewe group in, ram trying affection goes with bazoo first smell ewe, or tease ewe with hoof, climb next cross ewe to be carried on the back, do not move when ewe, do not push refus, or micturition of outstretched hind leg, this kind of ewe already oestrus, pull its, the dye on the besmear on the body, put wait for hybridization indoor. Every ram can match this kind of method 60 ~ 80 ewe.

This kind of method applies to actor thoroughbred ram compares the area raising a sheep with not large amount of abundant, Yang Qun. This method can master date of blood relationship relation, hybridization already, twice increases number of ram hybridization head, be helpful for ewe depasturing fatten, also can choose adequately to use outstanding kind of ram, to increasing the production of the group function has certain effect.
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