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Test-tube technology of the sheep and operation want a place
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The sheep is test-tube it is the factitious seminal fluid that uses appliance to take a surname, be checked through character and a series of processing, repass appliance reproduction of ewe of seminal input oestrus inside, achieve the hybridization kind of ewe be impregnated. Test-tube the utilization rate that can raise kind of ram, accelerated improved process of Yang Qun already, prevent the transmission of the disease, managing raise a large number of planting the charge of ram.
The disinfection that test-tube technology includes appliance, dilute that collects inspection of essence of life, seminal quality, seminal fluid, save and carry, ewe oestrus appraisal and lose the main technique link such as essence of life.
1 disinfection technology
The disinfection of 1.1 appliance
Collect energy, be defeated by essence of life and all appliance that contact with seminal fluid to want to disinfect, keep cleanness, dry, deposit the ark in cleanness inside or reserve in stoving box. False vagina should be cleaned with the bicarbonate natrium solution of 2% , reoccupy clear water is rinsed several times, use the alcohol disinfection of 75% next, before using, rinse with physiological saline. Market spirit bottle, lose essence of life implement, vitreous club and the course wants 30 minutes after glass service is abluent steam that deposit diluent and physiological saline are disinfected, before using, rinse several times with physiological saline. If metal opens Zhi implement, forceps, dish, clean with the bicarbonate natrium solution of 2% , reoccupy clear water is rinsed several times, the alcohol of 75% is used after wiping or undertake spirit lamp blaze is disinfected.
The disinfection of 1.2 field
Prepare an exposed to the sun, clean hybridization asepsis room, requirement ground level, the light is enough, the area is 10 ~ 12 square metre, room temperature is 18 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ . The outdoor room with optional also capacious, evenness, clean, quiet choose. Daily disinfection destroys with Er of 1% new clean or solution of 1% potassium permanganate undertakes spraying alexipharmic, daily at collecting mix before essence of life after collecting energy, each undertake 1 times. Undertake fumigation every weeks 1 times to collecting room of essence of life, what using drug is the formaldehyde solution of 40% 500 milliliter, potassium permanganate 250 grams.
The disinfection of 1.3 sheep body
Before ram carries out hybridization, mix before affection period ewe carries out hybridization, destroy with Er of 1% new clean solution undertakes iteration alexipharmic to ovine body.
The problem that 1.4 disinfection should note
When the fumigation of; of requirement matching an amount that abides by alexipharmic time and alexipharmic medicines and chemical reagents strictly, should close door window, the 2nd day should shift to an earlier date 1 hour to arrive hillock, open wide door window; to notice safety, preventive tastes attaint, disinfect every time end, answer to put out power source in time.
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