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How does ovine field improve progenitive efficiency of the sheep
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⒈ raises the principle that raises a sheep to breed efficiency place is abided by
① stud stock is reasonable use a principle
Timely hybridization, is not inchoate hybridization, utmost land increases outstanding kind of ovine utilization rate.
② economic accounting principle
Use which technology no matter, all should bear according to the economy of enterprise or ovine field ability is decided with the benefit that gains possibly. Use in technics, medicines and chemical reagents wait for a respect to all want to undertake economic accounting.
③ integrated principle
It is the technical question that survey raises progenitive efficiency, from raise management, raise kid survival rate and kid to breed wait for a respect to consider integratedly, it is a target in order to acquire larger economic interest.
The organization that ⒉ breed plans is carried out and the technology is fulfilled
Ovine field makes progenitive plan, it is the one part of the production that raise a sheep, also be the most important, the link of the easiest negligence, include the following content:
① makes clear comfortable match ewe and ginseng to compound ram situation, time of reasonable arrangement hybridization;
② decides hybridization way, using this reassign is test-tube wait;
③ is made choose recipe case or plan, combine breed and breeding and manufacturing plan look;
The progenitive technology that ④ uses certainly (the) such as oestrus of close breed of embryonic transplanting, frequency, test-tube, the corresponding period;
The arrangement of ⑤ technology personnel and fulfil.
Hybridization is the beginning of the production that raise a sheep, also be the beginning that executive seed selection plans, hybridization plan and seed selection plan, through hybridization only ability is able to come true. So enterprise to hybridization task fulfil should try enough take seriously, choose strictly by what technical personnel makes deserve to plan to carry out. In the author holds two or more posts concurrently in a few enterprises that raise a sheep or beginning embryonic transplanting to work, see partial enterprise deserves to plan not to take seriously to choosing, make anthology matching a plan is a form only, some was not chosen match a plan. Because lack long-term consideration, also use kind of unqualified ram at hybridization, the record is not made after some hybridization or the record is not rigorous, quality assures kind of sheep of such production very hard, also be sure to restrict the long-term development of breeding and enterprise.