The technology of prevention and cure of disease of ovine bowel poisonous blood

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Disease of ovine bowel poisonous blood is a kind of of the sheep acute contagion that often happens, sheep is sent more. Because produce bacili of gas pod film what to breed in great quantities and produce toxin place to cause is in in ovine bowel path,this ill happening is, because this calls alvine poison hematic disease, because the sheep of this ill death often has nephritic bate appearance, reason calls soft nephrosis again.

The expert understands disease. ⑴ cause of disease: This ill cause of disease is bacterium of shuttle of family name of the Kingdom of Wei, call film of pod yield gas bacillus again. This bacterium can produce a variety of toxin, can be cent of bacterium of shuttle of family name of the Kingdom of Wei A, B, C, D, E5 with toxin character toxin, disease of ovine bowel poisonous blood is caused by bacterium of shuttle of family name of D the Kingdom of Wei.

⑵ popular characteristic: Come on it is with sheep much, the goat is less. With 2-12 normally the sheep with good feeling of lunar age, fat is given priority to; Happen via enteron inside source sex infection. A pasturing area hands in the Shi Heqiu that grab blueness with Chun Xiazhi the period of time after seed of season grazing knot comes on for many; Farming area sees more when grab crop season at reaping or feeding protein feed, this disease is shown more send out the gender is popular.

⑶ symptom: This ill characteristic is sudden fit, can see a symptom rarely, often die very quickly in the sheep after showing a disease. The symptom can divide for 2 kinds of types: A, hold in the hand with Chu for its feature, before drop dead limb appears intense oar, muscle quivers Chu, eyeball is rotational, grind one's teeth, profess to convinced is overmuch, neck is subsequently remarkable contract, inside the 2-4 hour after often dying at coming on. B, with insensible and silently gone for its feature, course of diseases is not quite urgent, its are inchoate the symptom is gait flabby, later take a prone, have hypersensitive, salivate, jaw up and down " chuckle " make sound, afterwards with insensible, corneal reflex disappears, some ill sheep produce diarrhoea, it is normally inside 3-4 hour silently gone, chu holds in the hand model and insensible model the difference on the symptom decides at the toxin that absorb how many.

Pathological changes of ⑷ analyse check: Anatomize instantly after ill sheep is dead, see liver is intumescent, dark purple, tangent plane evaginate, qualitative fragile, right leaf surface has walnut to arrive greatly of the yellow white with big egg necrotic. Milt is intumescent, texture is soft, kidney is adipose bursa oedema, submit maize jelly form, oedema of the film outside the heart, oedema of mesentery lymph node, show ivory, haemorrhage of colonic lymph node, oedema, lobar door lymph node bleeds, there is thing of maize jelly shape all round, big retinal many is in cruor piece, size is differ, abdominal cavity has 500 milliliter about sanguine liquid, maize glue appearance coagulates after aeration fibrin piece, rumen part mucous membrane bleeds, true stomach mucous membrane, small intestine mucous membrane shows amaranth entirely, to diffuse badly the gender bleeds, cystic mucous membrane has place of concentrated pinpoint shape haemorrhage.

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