Cypress oil treats itch of flocks and herds

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Itch of flocks and herds is the contagion of a kind of stubborn sex with common flocks and herds, come on fast, infect an area big, especially of Yang Qun infect, make a breeder be at a loss what to do more, and once cure is not seasonable, often bring about large area of flocks and herds to infect die even, to raise breed door to bring huge pecuniary loss. The author ever raised flocks and herds old, in raising a process, be aimed at this ill cure, visited a lot of flocks and herds to breed door, it is especially in the contact with old breeder, the cypress oily remedy that when coming on in the light of this disease, uses, because treat time weak point, the effect is fast and got breed for the most part door praise highly, particular way is as follows:

  One, water boils a law

arm thick cypress branch curiums with iron curium 3 centimeters paragraphs small, put in bowl of a big iron, add water next, it is advisable to cross branch in order to overflow, after heating water with conflagration on furnace again, convert Wen Huo continues to boil 30 minutes, make cypress oil sufficient dissolve in boiled water hind, move away iron bowl on furnace again, after the cypress grease mixture in boiler letting iron is cooling, cent is early in besmear 3 times late go up in the itch of sicken flocks and herds, general 3~5 day can take a favourable turn, can cure after 10 days. This method facilitates group of hair flocks and herds use.

  2, law of baked wheaten cake

the cypress branch with thick arm, put on conflagration to burn directly, after cypress oil flows, with catching of one small bottle, after waiting for the cypress oil in bottle to cool, it is criterion with feel, below the case that the hand can feel, give sicken flocks and herds Tu Yu affected part directly, general 3~5 day can be cured, this method is very comfortable still use at outdoors depastures. This method facilitates individual flocks and herds is used.

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