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Sheep the make a diagnosis and give treatment with organic toxic phosphor
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Send ill case
On November 16, 2006, xinjiang production builds large unit the 11 labour that join herd add 69 groups suddenly, evict Yang Qun in the morning depasture, afternoon 18 when appetite of one part sheep, regurgitation stops, whole body of one part sheep quivers, gait is flabby, body overbalance, take a prone is in the ground, breath is difficult, some already died. On November 17 11 when, add up to death 10 sheep, 4 lie the ground shows narcosis, 12 sheep spirit is listless, breathe hurried approach. Whole sheep shares sheep 136, around comes on 37, this death sheep, come on Yang Jun is fat fertilizer put oneself in another's position is strong sheep. Via check of vet examination, analyse, diagnose is organic phosphor toxic.
Clinical symptom
Ill sheep salivate, weep, gnash one's teeth, pupil is contractive, eyeball is vibratile, individual sheep is serious have loose bowels, without appetite, regurgitation stops, quiver all over, gait is flabby, take a prone is in the ground the whole body is paralytic, breath is difficult, some choking death. Ill Yang Xin jumps 100 times above / minute, breathe above 50 times / minute, temperature is normal.
Analyse check
Gastric mucous membrane congests, bleed, strut, mucous membrane is easy fall off, lobar congestion is intumescent, tracheal inside have white bubble, liver splenomegaly, the kidney is muddy strut, coating flakes not easily.
1. Atropine hypodermic, dosage milligram of ~4 of every 2 milligram, be in a bad way person can increase dosage 2 times ~3 times, 2 hours are lain between to inject again after injecting for the first time, reduce till the symptom till.
Fluid of inject of 2.1 % dextrose 500 milliliter, 15 milligram of fluid of inject of Ding of iodic Jie Lin / kilogram, vein drop is noted; After 2 hours again vein is pushed note, dosage is Alexandrine.
Yang Qun comes on 37, die before make a diagnosis and give treatment 10, remedial hind dies without the sheep.
1. Should use as early as possible after organic phosphor is toxic medication. Atropine hypodermic cooperates choline ester enzymatic answer can agent (Ding of iodic Jie Lin, chloric phosphor Ding or double fluid of answer phosphor inject) while, union is other allopathic.
2. Disturbed to excitement, perspire severe vein drop notes tranquillizer, cannot use chlorpromazine.
3. Toxic to more than 36 hours person, answer can the agent already cannot produce remedial effect, divide use atropine cure, give ill sheep blood transfusion milliliter of 100 milliliter ~200, have favorable effect.
4. After toxic symptom alleviates, do not want what stop atropine prematurely to use, lest incomplete is poisonous resorbent and cause recrudesce, lowermost limit maintains a volume cannot little at 72 hours.
5. In treating the process with organic toxic phosphor, vein of avoid by all means fills alkaline. Because solve phosphorous Ding,in alkalescent environment hydrolysis becomes the prussiate with extremely strong noxiousness.
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