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Ovine flocculus sex prevents and cure pneumonicly
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One, the pathogeny

Ovine catch a cold catch a cold catchs a cold; The stimulation that gets factor of physical sex, chemical sex (namely the environment should stimulate) ; Suffer the enroach on of bacterium of conditional sex cause of disease, be like cling to coccus of family name bacili, actinomyces of streptococcic, fester, necrotic bacili, green pus bacili, grape the infection that wait, all can cause this disease, see at the same time at nose fly of lobar wireworm, sheep, breast in the pathology process of the disease such as pericarditis of phlogistic, traumatic sex. This disease Ke Jifa is mixed at Gong Yan of foot-and-mouth disease, actinomyces disease, Yang Zi the breast is phlogistic; Ke Jifa pulmonary abscess.

2, symptom

Ill sheep breathes difficulty, appear remittent fever and low those who lose is painful cough, temperature can be as high as 40 ℃ above. Percussion lung has area of voiced sound of bureau kitchen sex, voiced sound sees more leave area margin at lung, the healthy lung all round its presents tall Lang Yin. Turn after be pulmonary abscess, ill sheep presents intermittent heat, body temperature rise comes high 41.5 ℃ , cough, breath is difficult; Number of haemal examination leucocyte increases 15 thousand / milliliter.

3, kind disease

Should as pneumonic as sex of great part of a historical period, pharyngitis and disease of deputy paranasal sinus try to distinguish.

4, precaution

Strengthen raise management, maintain a circle to abandon sanitation, prevent inspiratory dirt. Do not make ovine catch a cold catch a cold catchs a cold, put an end to contagion infection. When wanting to prevent the canal that insert a stomach, insert by accident tracheal in.

5, cure

Diminish inflammation relieves a cough can choose 10% sulphanilamide pyrimidine 20 milliliter or antibiotic () of penicillin, streptomycin, intramuscular injection. Yi Ke uses Potassium of gram of ammonium chloride 1-5, tartaric acid antimony water of 0.4 grams, almond 2 milliliter, add water to mix fill to take.

Solution heats up strong heart to be able to use gram of 2-5 of aminopyrine of medicine made of two or more ingredients or salicylic natrium, profess to convinced; Fluid of inject of 10% camphor water 2 milliliter, intramuscular injection.