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Kid prevents and cure pneumonicly
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Kid is pneumonic it is kid a kind of acute is spirited contagion. Its characteristic is to come on urgent, infect fast, often cause large quantities of death.

One, the pathogeny

Pathogen is contagious breast phlogistic bacili, sufferring from the secrete breast sheep with infectious phlogistic breast is to basically infect a source. In breast of pathogen consist in, when kid eats milk classics mouth is affected. In addition, when the mat grass that contacts ill sheep or ill sheep pollution when kid and appliance, also can affect come on.

2, symptom

Temperature rise of body of the kid after coming on comes high 41 ℃ , breath, pulse is accelerated, anorexia or abandon absolutely. Spirit is depressed, cough, nose pours out of secretion of a large number of mucous pus sex. Degree of seriousness of an illness accentuates gradually, die inside a few days more. Can heal person often development is undesirable, bacterium is carried inside long-term put oneself in another's position and infect healthy sheep.

3, prevent and cure
Discover ewe suffers from infectivity when the breast is phlogistic, want to keep apart kid in time, do not let its eat ill sheep galactic, change hello healthy sheep is galactic. The circle that pollutes to ill ewe at the same time is abandoned, field, appliance, sweep clean, complete disinfection. Strengthen to ill kid nurse, raise abandon in warm, shining, capacious, dry circle inside, be spread more and change mat grass frequently.

Kid comes on earlier, can use penicillin, streptomycin or kanamycin intramuscular injection, everyday 2. Dosage: 15 thousand unit of penicillin l10000 ~ / kilogram weight, streptomycin weight of kilogram of 10 milligram / , kanamycin 15 milligram of 5 ~ / kilogram weight.