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How to prevent and cure goat blain
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Goat blain is contagion of a kind of acute that the ultravirus causes, hot sex. Ill incidence of a disease and this mortality are taller, want to be on guard seriously. Its prevent make step:

1. Block segregation discovers ill Yang Li is kept apart namely, epidemic prevention, cure, appoint management of person specially assigned for a task. Bury greatly from village, fountainhead to the Yang Yingyuan of die in one's bed harmless change processing. Prohibit casting the random sheep that abandon defect in disorder. Cleared sheep abandons excrement and urine, use water of 10% limewater, 20% plant ash water, 2% caustic soda, 2% formalin or bacterium the liquid medicine disinfection such as poison enemy, excrement and urine must make fertilizer after classics heat treatment. Abandon to the cultivate that is polluted, grass, road, ditch, environment all should undertake complete disinfection, prevent epidemic disease source to diffuse.

2. Attack kill classics appraisal, always send sheep of ill sex blain malign case of illness, high, should attack kill, bury greatly, harmless change processing.

3. Compulsive immunity is right the goat that did not come on, in end inside or every inject only inside inside skin blain of 0.5 milliliter goat is vaccinal, protective period a year. Immune hind wears earring, establish record, control information about and appraisal of an epidemic in time.

4. Strengthen raise management to often keep clear of Yang She excrement and urine, maintain Yang She dry, prevent cold heat preservation, ventilated breathe freely. Disinfect Yang She on time, avoid mosquito bite. Strengthen ill sheep to nurse, feed high grade feed, enhance a constitution, increase strength, reduce intercurrent rate, reduce mortality.

5. Medication on the skin pocky, besmear iodine or gentian violet. To prevent complication, defeat the local focus of a disease that;burst;ulcerate;fester to be able to use catharsis of solution of 0.1% potassium permanganate, gentian violet of the daub after wiping or iodic glycerine. Afterwards hair affects spirit of element of mildew of mixture of usable penicillin, kanamycin or vanward mildew element, Lin Ke, virus to wait, saimisong dosing the land, board fluid of Lan Gen inject has treatment. The person that temperature lifts adds analgin inject juice. Mi Kaxing of usable also A or favour Nuo sanded star, daily flesh is noted 2 times, use consecutively 3 ~ 5 days

6. In vet diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition (1) soup of the root of kudzu vine of to be taken orally, namely the root of kudzu vine, Asian puccoon, the rhizome of Chinese atractylods, Huang Bai each 15 grams, huang Lian 10 grams, white sugar, gram each 30 grams. Water simmer in water is awaited lukewarm fill is taken, a day of potion, take 3 days repeatedly. (2) Asian puccoon, burdock child, silver-colored flower, rise hemp each 10 grams; The root of red-rooted salvia, Bai Zhi each 5 grams; Suffering joins 8 grams, fill of water simmer in water is taken. (3) silver-colored flower, Asian puccoon, unripe Qi each 10 grams, licorice 3 grams, always decoct fill is taken. (4) flower of cordate houttuynia, mother chrysanthemum, Chinese violet, purslane, red, one branch from which optional several kinds of medicinal herbs, every kinds of delicacy is careless 150 grams of 100 ~ , fill of water simmer in water is taken.
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