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Yangtai straps the technology of prevention and cure of bug disease
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The goat peaceful that disease of Yang Taile bug is You Taile division straps the haemal protozoon disease that bug causes, this disease sucks blood with hard tick and travel, the harm is more serious.

   The expert understands disease.

⑴ cause of disease: Peaceful straps bug to belong to bug of form of pear of subclass of bug of form of pear of spore bug key link to look Taileke. Annular bug body submits ring form, be located in the one aspect of the matter of annular brim, chromatic for red, bioplasm is baby blue, size is 0.6-1.5 micron. Dot form does not have bioplasm inside bug body, chromatic for blue, bug of form of very similar margin, but bug body is absent brim of red blood cell, the diameter is less than slightly annular. Body of bug of the bodily form that crack breed comes loose it is besides Yu Gong cell, chromatic for blue, size is 0.8-1 micron.

⑵ popular characteristic: Yangtai straps the peddler of bug disease to be horn blood tick. Tick much parasitism is in bush, Cou, in grass-blade, collect when the sheep feed, road outdated, climb full sheep body, bite to suck blood on the skin. Kid feels the most easily to this disease, blame with 2-6 lunar age sees more most. Mortality is as high as 90-100% .

⑶ symptom: Day of 1-7 of course of diseases, the longest do not exceed 10 days. The sheep at the beginning of disease does not follow to go up group, mental depressed, happy event lie, anorexia. The constitution is angular with each passing day, performance is weak. Can inspect mucous membrane to be gradually cadaverous, bite all over full tick. Temperature lifts gradually to 41-42 ℃ , show high fever to delay. Regurgitation abate or stop, discharge dry or rare soft excrement and urine. Alveolar sound wide experience, circulate nose fluid of sticky stiff or rare sample. Ill sheep some shows excitement model, expression encircles motion to turn. Lengthen as course of diseases, ill sheep is more angular, blood is rare, temperature falls to normal temperature the following, ceaseless groan, howl cries before on one's deathbed, lie since roll. Height of some ill sheep abdominal circumference expand.

Pathological changes of ⑷ analyse check: Visible body is angular, blood is rare, subcutaneous tissue is cadaverous, small yellow. The heart has the haemorrhage with larger millet big bead to nod. Hepatomegaly, flocculus of tangent plane liver is apparent, submit areca form. Cystic and intumescent, be full of sap green bile. Big retinal, before mesentery is become by biliary be contaminated yellow. Kidney is intumescent, the surface has pinpoint massive haemorrhage to nod. Lymph node enlargement, blame with mesentery lymph node more apparent, incision sees have liquid of larger black gray. Some case of illness see ulcer of true stomach mucous membrane.

⑸ diagnoses: Come on season is tick the season of savage activity; Anaemia of expression of bed of ill Yang Lin, angular, high fever delays, conjunctiva Huang Ran; Gallbladder of pathology analyse check is intumescent, biliary soak, lymph node enlargement, tangent plane has black gray liquid; Smear of lens check blood sees peaceful having a sheep strap bug; Clinical go up to see with cure of Bei Ni Er have specially good effect, can diagnose the peaceful that it is a sheep to strap bug disease.
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