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The technology of prevention and cure of disease of ovine hard tick
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Concentrated parasitism can cause ovine body hard tick goat constitution is angular, the part is pregnant ewe aborts, the ewe mortality after kid and childbirth is very tall.

The expert understands disease. ⑴ cause of disease: 6 this ill cause of disease is hard tick division are belonged to, namely hard tick is belonged to, Li eye tick is belonged to, hematic tick is belonged to, change tick is belonged to, humeral head tick is belonged to and bovine tick is belonged to. Its common configuration characteristic is: Imaginal bug body is shown long elliptic, rear a bit grand protruding, n is compressed; Do not have the cent of head, bosom, abdomen, 3 person confluence is an organic whole, front has one holiday head; False head by limb of a pair of chela, below the mouth board, a pair of feet need composition, below chela limb and mouth board between the aperture that it is a mouth; Bug body n has 4 pairs of feet, every foot by base pitch, turn section, section, tibia, before instep section and instep section composition, there are 1 pair of claws on instep section, there is ungual mat between claw; The reverse side of tick has scute, the scute of female tick is small, occupy back only before 1/2-1/3, and male tick takes whole the reverse side almost. There are dot and all sorts of decorative patterns, quarter channel on scute. Dioecious, size six to one, the female tick that did not suck blood and male tick as size of sesame seed bead, and the female tick after sucking full blood is like castor-oil plant seed greatly, show wine or rufous, after male tick sucks full blood, size change is not big.

⑵ popular characteristic: In tick of division of our country hard tick distributing to the natural condition such as the climate that follows each district, geographical, landforms differs and differ, some tick distributing to reach highland at remote mountains careless slope, some distributinging that reach a prairie at the forest, also some perch are abandoned at cattle circle reach cattle to stay place. Fall in block into tick commonly or the live through the winter inside ground aperture, what the mobile season of each tick also lets tick family is different and different, general end came in Feburary the middle ten days of a month had tick activity to be on cultivate body in November. The sheep is invaded by tick, happen at depasturing to collect more in feeding a process, parasitism place basically is in by wool lack place.

⑶ symptom: Immediate harm. After hard tick attacks ovine system, because suck skin of penetrate into of the mouthparts when blood to be able to cause local loss, constituent oedema, bleed, skin fleshy. Some returns infection of Ke Jifa bacterium to cause fester, strut and beehive tissue phlogistic etc. When young sheep is invaded by a large number of hard tick, because excessive sucks blood, blood forming organ is destroyed after the toxin inside the saliva of together with hard tick enters airframe, deliquescent red blood cell, form malign anaemia, make blood has body part to drop quickly. In addition, because the toxin action inside hard tick saliva still can appear sometimes,neurosis shape is reached paralytic, cause " tick breaks down " .
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