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The technology of prevention and cure of disease of ovine hard tick
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The expert treats a disease. ① precaution: A, artificial catch or the tick that with appliance cleared sheep body expresses parasitism. B, eliminate a circle to abandon the tick inside, some tick are encircling the perch in the wall that abandon, aperture, burrow, after can choosing afore-mentioned curative to content sprays or whitewash, reoccupy cement, lime jam. The C, tick in eliminating nature, can adopt rotation grazing according to particular case, be apart 1-2 year time, the imago on ley can ruined.

② cure: Element of bacterium of dimension of A of A, hypodermic, dosage 0.2 milliliter / kilogram weight; B, optional use the double armour amidine of 0.05% , Ma La of 0.1% the tick of the sulfur phosphor, new sulfur phosphor of 0.1% , kill with poison of 0.05% , ground of 0.05% inferior farming, chrysanthemum of aether of benzene of the ester of the sevin of 1% , bromic cyanogen chrysanthemum of 0.0015% , 0.003% fluorine; Spray of fluid of C, medicine can use the horse of 1% to pull sulfur phosphor, 0.2% laborious the body of emulsion spray cultivate such as the vitriolic, sulfur phosphor of 0.25 times, dosage sheep every time 200 milliliter, every other is handled 3 weeks 1 times.

Origin: " the sheep is common essentials of ill make a diagnosis and give treatment "

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