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Yang Tongzhong treats a technology poisonously
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Because give,this disease is the sheep absorbs overmuch copper salt for a long time and cause toxic disease. Acute person it is a feature with diarrhoea of vomiting, salivate, severe abdominal pain, chronic and toxic criterion with rumen little darkly of logy, dung Brown, mucous membrane is icteric for the feature.

The expert understands disease. ⑴ pathogeny: Having usinging the sparge that contain copper or soil to contain copper to measure tall grass to depasture, cupreous salt is added in feed overmuch, feed the cupreous preparation that kill insect or exterminates snail by accident, all can cause this disease.

⑵ symptom: This ill cent is mixed for acute chronic. Virulent poisoning basically behaves vomiting, salivate, severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea, tachycardia, convulsions, paralytic with collapse, die finally. Mucky at one's convenience contains mucus, show bottle green. Chronic exemple behaves mental depressed, anorexia, mucous membrane is icteric, haemoglobin is contained in make water, excrement and urine blackens.

Pathological changes of ⑶ analyse check: Analyse check sees hepatic Huang Ran, the kidney presents dark black. Undertake gastric content content and analysis of excrement and urine conduce to this ill diagnosis, content of content extraction a stomach and excrement and urine add ammonia water, if by green become yellow, it is masculine gender.

The expert treats a disease. ① precaution: Prevent to pollute fodder with bluestone sparge, officinal bluestone preparation should master dosage strictly, and use fill when additive of the feed that add copper, must mix even, control feeds a volume.

② cure: Treating a principle is to remove the factor that cause disease, those who quicken poison eliminate to reach alexipharmic therapeutics. Answer above all a location of safety of ill sheep park, change feed, strengthen nurse. The eduction of stimulative copper salt, can use gastric lavage of solution of 0.1% ferrous potassium cyanide; Also but fill takes the protective agent of alvine mucous membrane such as milk, egg white, soya-bean milk or activated carbon, in order to reduce the absorption of cupreous salt. Eliminate the cupreous salt that already absorbed, applicable 2 ethylamine 4 second are acerbity 2 natrium calcium or 2 Qiu base Ding Er acerbity natrium. Chronic and toxic person, can give 50-500 of molybdic acid ammonium milligram of milligram, vitriolic natrium 0.3-1.