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Organic fluorine treats the sheep toxicly technology
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Organic fluorine pesticide is current more commonly used is fluorine acetyl amine, use at the plant diseases and insect pests such as aphid of cotton of prevention and cure, two-spotted spider mite, also use destroy rat, be a kind efficient and virulent inside pesticide suction a gender, reason can be caused 2 times toxic.

The expert understands disease. ⑴ pathogeny: Because sheep feeds gush to pass the Xian Cao of pesticide and other plant by accident, or feed poison bait by accident, and cause toxic; Or feed the feed that feeds long-term use to cross fluorine acetyl amine, because of incomplete poisonous save up, after feeding, happen toxic; Or by accident drink is caused by contaminative water toxic.

⑵ symptom: Because ill sheep collects appetite to differ, the serious level of behaves clinical symptom is different also. Constant cent is mixed for virulent poisoning chronic and toxic.

Virulent poisoning. Without apparently augural, ill sheep spirit is depressed, water little, anorexia or abandon absolutely, regurgitation stops, ancon flesh quiver, conjunctiva tide is red, gao Lang of alvine sound initial stage, later period is abate, disappear finally. Heart sounds is added fast, when driving, do not wish to walk, course of diseases lasts 2-3 day, ill sheep falls down suddenly, convulsive, convulsions or opisthotonos, some breath inside several minutes are restrained, the heartbeat stops and die.

Chronic and toxic. Day of the 5-7 after ill sheep is toxic, expressional spirit is depressed, anorexia, disagreement group, regurgitation stops, salivate, do not wish to walk, xi Jing, pupil comes loose big or contractible, ancon flesh quiver, sometimes slight abdominal pain. Individual ill mutton chop is effluvial rare dung. Temperature normal or under normal temperature, pulse is added fast, law of heart sounds section is not neat, atrium fine quivers etc. The illness can have a relapse instead, often be in convulsive process, because breath is restrained, fail circularly and deadly.

The expert treats a disease. ① precaution: Employ of A, every crosses the crop of fluorine acetyl amine, from apply medicine to arrive reap period the time of incomplete poisonous eduction that must pass 2 months above, just can use as feed, otherwise easy happening toxic. B, right organic fluorine pesticide (fluorine acetyl amine) should build rigid custodial system, be answered by contaminative appliance appropriate is custodial, prevent a sheep to be licked by accident and toxic. C, already happened toxic or have toxic and doubtful sheep, should strengthen raise management, soup of gram of general to be taken orally is alexipharmic at the same time.

② cure: A, should undertake gastric lavage is handled instantly, inchoate with 0.05% potassium permanganate or weak suds gastric lavage; If eat poisonous feed time longer, 350-500 of usable and vitriolic magnesium or vitriolic natrium is overcome, profess to convinced, and at the same time 60-100 of activated carbon of to be taken orally is overcome, add water 1000 milliliter, with adsorptive poison, make fast eduction; Ill sheep also can take Qing Dynasty of gram soup, egg, to protecting gastric bowel mucous membrane, adsorptive toxin, prevent the absorption of toxin, the effect is better. Amine of B, acetyl (the spirit that solve fluorine) it is the antidote of specially good effect with fluorine acetyl toxic amine, press gram of 0.1-0.3 of every kilogram weight, 3-4 of the cent after using dilute of solution of procaine of 0.5% hydrochloric acid second intramuscular injection, measure the 1/2 that is round-the-clock dosage first, every other of other in part injects 2 hours 1/4; The 2nd day begins to be round-the-clock quantity cent 4, every 4 hours of intramuscular injection 1, day of use consecutively 3-5. The C, liquor 40-70 milliliter with 60 degrees, everyday 1-2 second to be taken orally.
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