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The technology of prevention and cure with rachitic sheep
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The sheep is rachitic it is kid calcium, phosphor metabolization obstacle causes bone to organize a kind of blame with undesirable development phlogistic sex disease, vitamin D lack is having main effect in this ill happening.

The expert understands disease: ⑴ pathogeny: Because the content of D of the vitamin in feed is insufficient,this ill happening basically is, cause shortage of D of the vitamin inside kid body, the balance of the calcium inside the absorption that affects calcic, phosphor directly and blood, phosphor; In addition, although vitamin D can satisfy the need of kid, but scale of the calcium in mother milk and feed, phosphor undeserved or lack, and of much reason hidebound, also can cause this disease.

⑵ symptom: Ill sheep is light person main show makes a living long logy, different be addicted to; Happy event lie dead, lie the ground stands up slow, often appear gammy, condition of travel walk with the ball sways, it is difficult that limb loads. Palpation joint has aching reaction. Course of diseases is a bit long articulatory and intumescent, with wrist, articulatory, ball joint more apparent; Long bone bends, limb can spread out, form if frog. Sicken later period, ill kid crawls with wrist touchdown, the body is hind cannot raise; The person that weigh disease lies the ground, breath and heartbeat are accelerated.

The expert treats a disease. ① precaution: A, strengthen be pregnant of ewe and sheep of secrete wet nurse raise management, d of richer protein, vitamin and calcium, phosphor should be contained in feed, notice calcic, phosphor cooperates scale, the viridescence feed with ample supply and green hay, fill feed bone meal, increase motion and sunshine time. B, kid is raised should notice more, feed the feed with the juicily viridescence such as dry clove, carrot, green grass conditionally, add all sorts of salt, bone dust, microelement to wait by need quantity.

② cure: With fluid of inject of D of vitamin A, vitamin 3 milliliter intramuscular injection; 3 milliliter fill takes purificatory cod-liver oil or intramuscular injection. Compensatory calcic preparation can use the dextrose acid of 10% milliliter of 5-10 of calcic inject fluid.