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Raise crucial technology of the sheep

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Pay attention to seed selection choosing to match, advantage of sufficient play cross differs according to producing a purpose, want to choose good ewe already, should pick good a surname more. "Ewe is good, good a brood, ram is good, good one slope " , had two or the admirable fair ewe of two above, ability obtains ideal offspring. Come with Xia Luo fleshy sheep (fair) match cold sheep of small remaining part, cold sheep of small remaining part (fair) match Henan fine miscellaneous sheep, henan suckles a goat (fair) the binary cross sheep such as goat matching a pagoda tree, can bring high production to feeder cost-effective.

Make full use of natural resources of fodder of this locality feed is extensive the coarse fodder such as stalk of fry of straw of rural wheat straw, beans, potato, corn is resourceful, a lot of places are used at making a fire, make compost, this is very big waste. Each district should popularize the advanced technique such as silage of stalk of wheat straw ammoniation, alkalify, corn actively, cross an abdomen through feeding a sheep, make change rise in value.

Use raise administrative technique advancedly besides groovy and scientific feed, master the following even: 1. Yang She wants n to face south, aerate good, add heat preservation measure in the winter, prevent ovine weight to drop. 2. Earth soil crib and grass want to wear inside Yang She, do not throw grass to the ground, lest wasteful or pestiferous. 3. Bosom pregnancy is pregnant especially later period, should lose the sexual distinction according to the sheep, by force, size is strict hive off, lest bunt each other and abortion. 4. Want product of filling raise of time, ration.

Strengthen epidemic disease to prevent and cure dimensions breed aquatics should take epidemic disease precaution seriously, once break out,contagion can cause huge loss. The disease such as bacili of family name of poisonous disease of fast to sheep pox, sheep epidemic disease, bowel, dysenteric, pneumonic, cloth, want seasonable observation, precaution and treatment.

Promotion in those days kid in those days the technology of fatten butcher because all the year round abundant of thick raise resource is owed not all, raise a sheep to appear generally consequently " summer full, autumn fertilizer, winter is thin, spring lack " phenomenon, popularize only in those days Jie kid in those days fatten butcher ability achieves optimal beneficial result. The technology that accelerates fleshy sheep fatten has end, castrate, abandon raise, filling raise, big canopy the comprehensive measure such as warm circle. Conditional place, dimensions is changed breed still can use feed of fleshy sheep weightening agent, grain to feed a sheep to wait to raise a technology advancedly.

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