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The modulation method of ovine feed
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After silage of ensiling feed feed, can save vitamin, mineral, protein in great quantities, have soft, sweet, acerbity, ripe, sweet characteristic, if the substance such as content of urea, ammoniation, protein is added when modulation, ensiling quality will be better. But ensiling feed acidity is big, have laxation effect, those who have period of time need to suit when beginning raise to feed period, answer to cooperate with coarse fodder, concentrated feed, cannot onefold use. To be pregnant ewe is fed less as far as possible, antenatal stops raise 15 days to feed. If ensiling feed acidity is too big, the raise after the milk of lime of usable 5%-10% is counteracted is fed.

The dainty sex of feed of hay feed hay is poor, add leaf of the bine after some grazing work to depart easily again, the sheep often is carried feed. Accordingly, when the hay that use blueness feeds a sheep, need cuts his 1.5-2 centimeter paragraphs small, when feeding sheep of the old and weak and kid, return but again some shorter.

The characteristic of straw feed straw is long, thick, hard, disadvantageous Yu Yang is collected feed, and digestive rate is not high, divide outside cutting short raise to feed, will use immerse law, ammoniation law, alkalify law, ferment change undertake modulation. Immerse law: Cut straw 2-3 centimeter paragraphs those who grow is small, immerse with clear water, make its bate, can raise dainty sex, raise a sheep collect appetite. Immerse with weak brine, yang Gengai is collected feed. Ammoniation law: Cut straw short, every 100 kilograms of straw use 12-20 kilogram the ammonia water of 25% , or 3-5 kilogram urea and 30-40 kilogram the solution that water makes up, spray even, good with plastic in bags severe or it is good with plastic film seal cover to seal, open the envelop of 20 Queen of heaven, the raise after hour of natural and ventilated 12-24 is fed. Alkalify law: Cut straw short, with 3 times quantity the limewater of 1% immerses 2-3 day, the drop after fish out goes limewater can raise is fed. Handle the effect to rise, the 1%-1.5% that can press straw weight in limewater adds salt. Also can use oxyhydrogen to change sodium solution to handle, every kilograms are cut spray on short straw the solution of hydrogenous oxidation natrium of 5% 1 kilogram, mix is even, after 24 hours can raise is fed. Zymotechnics: Commonly used method is EM bacterium ferments. Former fluid of bacterium extraction EM two kilograms, add brown sugar two kilograms, water 320 kilograms, mix adequately even hind, spray on the straw that smashs in 1000 kilograms, backfill is fermenting inside the pool, after sealed 20-30 day, open cellar to take with. Also can use agent of modulation of dry straw biology to undertake fermenting handling. 8 grams bacterium is planted (1 bag) enter 400 milliliter in the white sugar water of 1% , set 2-3 hour, fall into the salt water of 0.77% , after mix is even, spray short straw is cut in 1000 kilograms, backfill is fermenting inside the pool, take after 30 days with.
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