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Science raises ovine synergism standard
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Xia Qiu puts herd level
Summertime weather is torrid, should adopt type of " of star of " all over the sky to depasture means, go out early in the morning to return early, give evening late afternoon to return, rest more midday. Do " of job of sheep of good " air. My circle or shady and cool place hurry to Yang Qun to send out after receiving a sheep quantity of heat, after treating Yang Liang feel well, drive into again abandon inside or the my circle pass the night outside abandon. Do not depasture to the ground of low-lying moisture, prevent to affect verminosis. Autumn should give evening early to return to depasture all the day. After the autumnal equinox passes, make full use of fact of seed of the corn that crop scatters, fallen leaves, weed and new second birth grass depasture. August end at the beginning of September, kid 4 ~ in May age, can undertake ablactationing. In October the first ten days of a month, begin to undertake cold match or little choice hybridization. In October the middle ten days of a month, undertake " sheep to Yang Qun triplex seedling " (Ju of abrupt of disease of poisonous blood of ovine fast epidemic disease, Yang Chang, sheep) precaution injects. The first ten days of a month undertook Yangshe is maintained in November, every sheep covers an area of 1 square metre, playground of sheep pen peripheral, the 2 ~ that the area is sheep pen area 3 times, the establishment such as filling raise flooey, grass wearing and filling salt chamfer is set on the playground. The first ten days of a month rectified Yang Qun in November, wash out old, weak, ill incomplete and infecund sheep. Enter together, want fodder of equipment sufficient live through the winter. The good feed that tendril of fry of all sorts of Yang Cao, wild hay, crop straw, earthnut, pachyrhizus, grazing is live through the winter. Every sheep wants 200 kilograms to prepare forage grass of live through the winter, straw. Many corn straw, straw, wheat straw can make the feed such as ensiling, half desiccate, ammoniation, small store reserve. The middle ten days of a month undertook selenium injects filling in November, applied medicaments is " inferior E" of vitamin of selenium acerbity natrium, the method that should go up strictly according to the manual and dosage inject.

Wintry spring abandons raise level
(1) do well the hybridization of Yang Qun of Ming Chun lambing works. Begin from " of " the Beginning of Winter, pick off is planted the " curtain " below ram abdomen, "Hybridization of light snow " , "Lambing of Pure Brightness " .
(2) strengthen kind of ram raise management. Be not hybridization season, feed the 1.5 ~ such as high grade hay or earthnut fry everyday 2.5 kilograms, the juicily feed such as carrot, big turnip 1 ~ 1.5 kilograms, mixture product (corn 84% , the beans dregses of rice 15% , a variety of vitamins 1% ) 0.5 ~ 0.7 kilograms, bone dust 10 grams, salt 15 grams of 10 ~ . From before hybridization 30 ~ 45 days begin raise to feed hybridization ration. Feed mixture product everyday (corn 74% , the beans dregses of rice 25% , a variety of vitamins 1% ) 1 ~ 1.5 kilograms, green hay Ren Jicai is fed, carrot, big turnip 1 ~ 1.5 kilograms, egg 2 ~ 6, bone dust 10 grams, salt 15 grams of 10 ~ .
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