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Fleshy sheep is efficient fatten hang
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Fleshy sheep is fast fatten can make two months give kid column, body hefts 15 - 20 kilograms, survival rate amounts to 98 % above. Fatten hang has the following:

One, choose kid fatten. From kid group in choose individual big, growth is good, collect feed ability the strong, kid that does not have a disease, the fatten after composition ablactations group. Had better choose fair kid, grow because of fair kid fast, did not reach sexual maturity again right now.

2, kid filling raise. Usable cereal feed is tie-in and right amount soja cake, also can use mixture concentrated feed, like corn 45 % , wheat bran 22 % , beans dregses of rice 30 % , salt 1 % , fish meal 2 % . The concentrated feed of kid feeds a quantity to grow and increase of Sui Yueling. 20 - 30 day age, every kid feeds a quantity to be 50 - 70 grams; 1 - Feburary age for 100 - 150 grams; 2 - March age for 200 grams, daily fill feed twice.

3, timely decide remaining part. Kid breaks end to be able to quicken fleshy sheep to grow, improve the flesh qualitative, reduce smell of mutton. Kid is in 2 - 21 day age all can decide remaining part, but with 2 - 7 day age are most appropriate. Break end time to had better undertake in the morning in sunshine. Method: ① glue muscle decides remaining part. Use the rubber muscle with better flexibility, cover in kid the 2nd - between 3 end vertebra, make end bottom cannot get nutrition and atrophic, can fall off by oneself via 10 days. ② fast knife decides remaining part. Bind end root with drawstring first, break off hematic current to connect, leave trail with fast knife next 4 - 5 centimeters of place are cut off, had wrapped up with gauze, that day afternoon, can tether unlock, classics 5 - can cicatrization 7 days.

4, emasculated hurried is long. Fair kid castrate is general with break end to undertake at the same time, can use glue muscle law and operation method. Commonly used is glue muscle law, squeeze the spermary of the fair kid inside 7 day age scrotum inside, in essence of life scrotum of along with of all alone place uses glue muscle closely intricate, 20 - after 30 days, scrotum and bolus of a place of strategic importance fall off with respect to can sere nature.

5, seasonable disinfection. In fleshy sheep in raising management, want those who have enough, cleanness to water from beginning to end supply, abandon inside should keep drafty, the ground is dry, the shop has mat grass, feed is not polluted. Sweep frequently to chamfer of sheep pen, Yang She, makings, cistern, disinfection; The mat grass of lambing, forage grass, appliance should put frequently in the air below sunshine to bask in; Want to appliance of coverall, medical treatment diligent boil disinfection.

6, prevent a disease. According to the popular characteristic of local sheep disease, hold to " prevent overweight to treat " raise a principle, designedly undertakes medicaments precaution and immune have an inoculation to Yang Qun, prevent the happening of contagion and verminosis.
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