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Of kid raise administrative technique point
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1. eats colostrum early

After kid is born, want to eat colostrum as early as possible, satiate colostrum. Colostrum is the 4 ~ after ewe labors 7 days endocrine galactic. Rich protein is contained in colostrum (17% ~ 23% ) , adipose (9% ~ 16% ) , mineral wait for nutrient material and antibody, to enhancing kid constitution, resist the disease has main effect. Among them magnesian salt still has peristalsis of stimulative stomach bowel, the function of eduction embryo dung. According to determining, more antibody and bacteriolysis are contained in colostrum enzymatic, still have K antigen agglutinin, can the coliform organisms of Jie Wan special strain. Colostrum comparing often breeds in mineral with adipose content 1 times taller, vitamin content is 20 times higher. Want to eat colostrum in time, still defy because of kid stomach bowel of body receive ability to be in hourly drop, after be born 36 hours, absorb the complete protein macromolecule that carries antibody no longer. So, should make sure unripe kid is in first 30 minutes in eat on colostrum. To the ewe with strong maternal instinct, general and postpartum can lactation kid, but ewe or the ewe place with the not strong action that protect kid are produced to produce kid Yang Jichu to give birth to young kid first, all need to assist kid to suck the breast artificially. The method is Baoding good ewe, push kid to ewe breast next in front of, kid can suck the breast, after relapsing a few times, kid can suck the breast by oneself. To funeral mother Gu kid is born first, should look for baby-sitter to the sheep is like kid yield sheet or die for its the ewe feed of kid. Reject a grandma to avoid baby-sitter sheep, but ewe galactic or uric fluid besmear arrives on kid head and body, identify a son with diddle ewe. Unripe kid wants to live 7 days to control ability to build feeling jointly with ewe first. Be in feed inside a few days of colostrum, kid grows very fast, average day weightening finish can amount to 220 grams of 200 ~ .

2. Arrange delicious grandma time

After be born inside many days 10, muzi is the same as a circle, kid freedom sucks the breast, lie between 1 ~ 2 hours to need to suck the breast 1 times almost. The frequency sucks the breast to reduce every other 4 hours 1 times after 20 days. If ewe depastures by day, can take kid in Yang She to raise, ewe answers Yang She to be nursed 1 times midday, add a herd, Gui Mu 1 times each, be equal to kid to suck the breast 3 times by day.

3. Filling raise of as soon as possible

Filling raise is to exercise the gastric bowel function of kid, build as early as possible collect feed behavior. 20 climate of the 15 ~ after kid is unripe, should begin training to eat fodder. Kid happy event is fed young tender leguminous hay or burgeon leaf, column of kid filling raise can be installed inside sheep pen, will mincing young tender hay, carrot is put in the Ren Jicai in crib to feed. Training begins to take mixture product after 20 days. Content of the crude protein in asking to mix product commonly is in 15% above, notice supply is high grade easy digest, the protein feed with dainty good sex, crude fibre content does not exceed 6% , fill even at the same time calcium and filling phosphor. The composition of product can be the corn that smash, wheaten, bran, soya-bean cake, salt to wait. Feed is fed to answer first quality of a material is loose, digest easily, can fry first ripe hind smash, raise dainty sex, cannot feed the feed with raise legume and adipose high content, lest cause indigestion. To make kid uses starch better, can join in mixture product a few malt, in order to promote amylaceous saccharify. Wait for all kid to be able to eat makings hind, turn to time mensurable raise is fed, feed makings volume by arrive less much, skimp is added frequently. Some of cleanness is filled to water with little tub after 20 day age put on the playground to make kid freedom drinkable. From January age case, except outside depasturing along with ewe, every fill everyday only raise product 50 grams of 25 ~ , salt 2 grams of 1 ~ , bone dust 5 grams of 3 ~ , green hay freedom is collected feed. Kid after 50 day age, breed as ewe secrete drop off, kid is entered increase makings level, turn to fill gradually to protein need on fed fodder, should notice to fill in ration right now add the high grade protein feed such as soya-bean cake, fish meal, with benefit kid fast grow, much weightening finish.
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