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Farmer raises the question that the sheep should note
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Raise the cooperative rural area between ovine door fragmentary raise ovine door, should organize combination, establish the combine that raise a sheep. 3 ~ are taken out in combine 5 ram with raise a moral character good each, offer for other farmer member paid service; Combine also can establish a relationship with around sheep field, outside raising ovine technology except study, when the ovine oestrus of combine member, can accept to ovine field test-tube, avoid each loss that raise ram and causes so, reduce manufacturing cost thereby. According to the experience raising a sheep of our region, inject to the sheep on time triplex vaccine of seedling of 4 epidemic prevention, foot-and-mouth disease. Combine can unite epidemic prevention of the vaccine with purchase quality good, unified inject, unified buy anthelmintic, unified use, fall already so low consumption, make sure Yang Jiankang grows again.

Updating idea and technical farmer to raise the drawback with the biggest sheep is to raise level of management low, the nutrition of ignored sheep reachs the precaution of the disease, be in especially lack of wintry spring forage grass is seasonal. Right way: In season of green grass exuberance, reap forage grass and air, stow is saved, the attention prevents rain mouldproof, the sheep is fed after small store having after breaking to cut up with a hay cutter of wintry spring section. Autumn is returned but ensiling corn straw. Wintry spring section should timely filling makings, nonpregnant ewe fills everyday makings 150 grams of 100 ~ , pregnant sheep fills everyday makings 450 grams of 200 ~ . Make up feed to want to make full use of face of skin of broken bits of bran, sweet potato, bean curd broken bits, corn, corn, by the sheep every kilograms of weight adds the additive that contain iron in makings 0.05 grams, inferior choline of gram of E0.8 of vitamin of selenium acerbity natrium, chloridize D30.8 of 0.03 grams, vitamin overcomes the 0.6 grams, additive that contain zinc, sodium chloride should be contained in feed 0.5% the left and right sides, calcium hydrophosphate 2% , add appropriately lysine and contain copper amino acid. Prevent 2 times every months with medicine hidebound reach exsanguine, press a sheep every time pink of B12 of put sb in a very important position of every kilograms of body, compound vitamin each 0.8 grams, every time raise feeds 1 week.

Pay attention to feed management and nutrient health care bug of every quarter drive 1, element of bacterium of the dimension that use A is successive drive bug 2 it is 1 times, intermediate interval 7 ~ 10 days, usage, dosage takes service instruction. Change according to season timely add be good at the Chinese traditional medicine that heat of lienal appetizing, clear hot detoxify and precautionary cold, lung coughs preparation.