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The summer should prevent a sheep to drop fat
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Enter the summer, the sheep drops fat, this is the collective topic of the specialist that raise a sheep, investigate its reason basically is high temperature tall wet cause a sheep to collect appetite to decrease, absorb nutrition to use up be caused by not as good as everyday. Drop fat to prevent a sheep, must take step from the following respect:

One, the circle is abandoned ventilated

1, secondary floor of Yang She norms is done with batten shop, it is advisable that batten span does not come to nothing with holding ovine foot. Secondary floor and floor space are 20 lis commonly rice - hold Yang She divulge a secret 30 centimeters, facilitate clear excrement and urine. Yang She should maintain highly control in 2 meters, can achieve waterproof, leak, heat insolation.

2, what the sheep abandons is ventilated want bottom of wall of expedite Yangshe north and south to open air convection window; Sunny face of Yang She installs sunshade canopy, or content of the sunshade that take a top. In addition, yang She still should install gauze door screen window, prevent Cang Sheng mosquito to enter, often keep Yang Sheqing clean, Gan Shuang, ventilated. Take strict precautions against rainstorm to assault Yang Qun. The sheep has a fever by drench easy cold, cause fat.

3, depasture should go out early to return early midday 11 when to afternoon 3 when, let a sheep rest inside the circle eat fodder, depasture afternoon, can be in late 7 when receive herd. Water for sufficient salt and cleanness. Feed 1 times to the sheep everyday - 2 mixed feed (face of wheat bran, corn, soya-bean cake adds rice chaff, careless pink) , in the meantime, give Yang Qun drink 4-6 everyday second weak brine. Avoid by all means makes a sheep drinkable water of irrigation and drainage, dead pool water, depression channel water or drive the sheep into damp and muddy place to depasture, rest, lest bring storm,wet disease is mixed eat helminth egg.

2, increase nutrition

1, it is good that raise feeds high grade forage grass to choose dainty sex, the forage grass with nutrient high value, wait like lima-bean stalk, alfalfa. Especially weanling kid and be pregnant ewe more need to notice this.

2, sheep of year after year of filling raise product, fill everyday 200 grams control raise product; Weanling kid fills everyday 100 grams control raise product.

3, fill feed salt every kilogram weight adds 0.2 grams, in order to maintain balance of the soda acid inside airframe.

4, increase water high temperature is seasonal, should maintain birdbath not to cut off the water supply, freedom letting a sheep is drinkable.

5, forage grass doing, green collocation to prevent a sheep only gluttonous, gluttony is contained water divides exorbitant grazing and produce have loose bowels and abdominal distension disease, abandon raise to answer dry, green collocation, hay chooses cane of green hay, earthnut to wait, when raise is fed, green grass is fed after feeding hay first.

3, disease of prevention and cure
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