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Raise ovine note
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1, depasture raise
The attention answers when depasturing: ① body is mixed unhealthily infirmly be pregnant the ewe of later period cannot depasture along with swarm. ② grown ram should depasture with ewe hive off (to avoid breed jumbly, ram should have deprive a theory) . ⑧ is avoid the one hungry is not choosy about his food when depasturing and feed poisonous weeds-harmful speech by accident, a few hay can be fed before depasture. ④ from abandon raise to turn to depasture due transition of a week period. ⑤ does not want to depasture on the low wet lawn that dew or frost hit drench. When ⑥ weather is cold, depasture should go out late to return early, choose warmer meadow. ⑦ puts helminth of shepherd easy infection, should notice fixed drive bug, best every season.

2, Yang She is raised
Abandon raise to should notice: ① feeds raise fodder, feed diversification, time and mensurable, raise is fed general everyday two. ② notices feed is clean. ⑧ avoid by all means throws grass fence directly inside. ④ should notice to feed to all sorts of feed law and feed pre-treatment. ⑤ feed changes the transition that should one is changed gradually period. ⑥ asks to Yang She summer is drafty, prevent in the winter warm prevent cold, maintain a sheep to abandon dry, clean, thaw. Part of one's job of ⑦ fair ewe opens feed, avoid to cause match early with excessive. ⑧ is fed water feeds salt twice everyday commonly with the; that feed salt, every grown sheep feeds salt everyday 15 grams of 10 ~ , can mix inside makings or water inside. ⑨ should value drive bug job, answer every year fixed drive bug. (Xue Meng)