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Field of the sheep that abandon raise disinfects a point
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Disinfection is to carry out " precaution is given priority to " a of guiding principle important step, the alexipharmic understanding in raising ovine field not less to work to epidemic prevention is insufficient, alexipharmic system carries out not do one's best, bring about ovine disease to happen from time to tome. The alexipharmic technology point that turns ovine field with respect to dimensions now talks about a few views, the hope can cause those who raise ovine door to take seriously, in order to lower the occurence rate of epidemic disease, raise economic benefits.
Establish system and program
One, create room of alexipharmic pool, disinfection: Point of entry of ovine field gate should create alexipharmic pool (Chi Kuan is the same as a gate, long for a week of motor-driven car wheel half) , 2 % oxyhydrogen is put to turn sodium juice inside, change 1 times every week. Build alexipharmic room, all personnel all should use irradiation of diffusion ultraviolet ray here 5 - 10 minutes, forbid to carry the animal produce that catchs epidemic disease possibly or article. Enter the staff member that produces a division, must change shoe of field area coverall, work, enter oneself work area through disinfecting a pool, forbidden and mutual string together a circle.
2, the circle abandons disinfection: Clean Yang She everyday, maintain clean sanitation, makings chamfer, cistern is clean. Encircle Sheneike to had used oxygen second acid to do the disinfection that bring domestic animal, 0.3% - 0.5% do those who abandon core condition and article to spray disinfect or heat do fumigation (every stere space uses 5 milliliter) .
3, the convention of empty Yang She disinfects a program: Sweep clean dung make water thoroughly above all. Rinse clean with clear water, 3% oxyhydrogen change reoccupy sodium sprays and scrub wall, basket frame, groove is provided, the ground, disinfect 12 hour hind, rinse clean with clear water finally, wait for dry hind, spray with acid of 0.5% second crossing oxygen disinfection. Disinfection of surface of Yang She soil is usable contain 5% effective chloric bleaching powder solution, 4% formalin or the solution of hydrogenous oxidation natrium of 10% . The ground soil that contagion place infects, can search the area first, deepness makes an appointment with 30 centimeters, in turn up the soil while scatter on dry bleaching powder (dosage is area of 1 square metre 0.5 kilograms) ; Next with water swim wet, planish. If put herd area to be polluted by some kind of pathogen, use natural ingredient commonly (like sunshine) will eliminate cause of disease microbial; If contaminative area is not large, should make chemically disappear bane is disinfected. To airtight Yang She, still apply formaldehyde fumigation, the method is every stere space uses 40% formaldehyde 45 milliliter, enter proper container inside, rejoin potassium permanganate 20 grams, attention, right now room temperature do not answer under 15 ℃ , should add hot water otherwise 20 milliliter. To reduce cost, also can not add potassium permanganate, but should heat with fierce anger formaldehyde, make formaldehyde evaporates quickly, extinguish igneous cause next, sealed suffocating L2 - 24 hours. Open door window, eliminate formaldehyde odour.
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