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Build the problem that ovine field should note
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One, do the pre-construction of field

1. The circle adds up to preparation: Yang She should be built in the place with relief tall dry, ventilated good drainage, yang She wants tower above floor 20 centimeters, by every sheep 1 design to 2 square metre, surround have by every sheep the 3 playgrounds to 4 square metre, had better be in abandon inside all install feeding rack with the playground, can of make it cement or board, cement chamfer facilitates water, the feeding rack that uses board make it can move, length can inspect a sheep how many and calm, according to actual condition in order to use, clean and disinfection is convenient wait for the principle. The construction that good delivery room and vet room should consider to wait at the same time when the design.

2. Grazing preparation: In fall in order to depasture to basically raise the circumstance of means, the area with nicer vegetation, campagna area every 0. 0667 hectare raise a grown sheep, earthy country region every 0. 2 hectare raise a grown sheep, stone country region 0. 334 to 0. 667 hectare raise a grown sheep. Reform through the meadow, plant high grade forage grass, reap field grazing filling raise to wait, quantity holding domestic animal can increase 1 times above. Be in the area that abandons raise to give priority to, source of serious survey fodder wants before field doing a sheep, for managing expenditure, reduce cost, can lay in enough raw material, javascript: SHowpos(event, this)style="COLOR:#00a2ca"onmouseout=Javascript: CLearTimer()href="http://search.china.alibaba.com/search/misc_iframe.htm? Corn of Referer=InfoOfferAndPrice&keywords= corn "target=_blank> , iron sheet, green hay, Javascript: SHowpos(event, this)style="COLOR:#00a2ca"onmouseout=Javascript: CLearTimer()href="http://search.china.alibaba.com/search/misc_iframe.htm? Tendril of earthnut of Referer=InfoOfferAndPrice&keywords= earthnut "target=_blank> , pachyrhizus tendril and corn straw, had better do ensiling conditionally.

3. Water level has: When choosing Yang She to build a place, should notice to consider fountainhead issue, the area that does not have tap water should consider groundwater to whether can satisfy manufacturing need, water quality is wholesome, fountainhead also is to do whether a successful main factor.

4. Personnel preparation: Should have done to raise ovine field to must have know the personnel that raises management and vet technology, this is the premise condition that ovine field health develops, raise personnel to must raise ovine practice certainly through groom or having additionally. Cannot be in not orderly or personnel is not familiar the haste below the circumstance that raises a sheep is started.

2, the option that does a season

Do a seasonal and main alternative to include to propose field and introduce a fine variety two parts, generally speaking city of Shandong province Qingdao builds a season to want escape winter and rainy season, want to consider busy season season from the field that build a sheep additionally, avoid labor strife. Season of introduce a fine variety, with autumn and spring introduce a fine variety advisable, can keep away from so the summer of burning hot moisture and winter, effect of introduce a fine variety is best. But spring introduce a fine variety should have in on one year of autumn sufficient fodder, otherwise spring fodder price often is compared tall, spring happening epidemic disease is relatively additionally much, so best season with autumn had better, not only weather empties feel well, climate is delightful, still the fodder with a large number of prices, right tone can supply reserve.
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