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The goatherd loneliness on barren island makes money mad also
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Sheng Si county is saved in Zhejiang, have an isle that makes Bai Jieshan. Insular area has 0.5 square kilometer only, so that a lot of maps did not tag it,come out. 2002, guard the person's evacuation as tower of insular light the lamp, island of white section hill turned a barren into the island thoroughly. But the Spring Festival passed 2006, lived in the Chen Jungang of Sheng Si county to go up however this barren island.

Island of white section hill has 449 macaque, these macaque are haggard and dye-in-the-wood, vigilance is very tall, in 4 years of time of the island on nobody, macaque became the host with barren true island. Chen Jungang's arrival makes the position of macaque encountered a challenge, what does the island on him do? All these is a goat to what force. 2002, chen Jungang and an old person did brushstroke goat to trade, native place of that old person is in Zhejiang stage city, but all the time guest house is in Zhejiang Sheng Si.

Wife Zhu Haifen of Chen Jungang: "He is planted here colza ground, raised ten sheep, development goes to 229 later, his age is old, do not plan to fall here, wanted to go back. Wanted to go back..

Chen Jungang: "As it happens comes up against me, I ask him ovine price, I say many 30 your sheep how many money, he says large volume is minor 3000 multivariate and all to you, then I calculate, just 100 multivariate money a sheep, also be to one's profit. Also be to one's profit..

Chen Jungang felt to collect a defecate appropriate, the clappers on the horse buys the sheep, pulled a sheep cheerfully to return the home next. Looked at a sheep to take a door, chen Jungang's wife is anxious.

Wife Zhu Haifen of Chen Jungang: "Former I had been not married in a married woman's parents' home when coming over, my Mom also raises a few sheep, want hotpot without the person at that time, sell do not go out, so my Mom still gives a family hotpot. So my Mom still gives a family hotpot..

County of Si of Zhejiang province Sheng is an island county, the person that local likes to eat seafood is much, the person that has hotpot is little. As a result of recumbent sea, local is engaged in fishery mostly, and raising a sheep is not attend to one's proper works or duties then in local eye. Accordingly, chen Jungang also does not want to expand Yang Qun, plan however the Spring Festival when handle entirely.

Chen Jungang: "Itself also is not to want to develop so much, itself wants to earn bit of extra income. Itself wants to earn bit of extra income..

Very fast Spring Festival arrived, chen Jungang's sheep begins to appear on the market. According to the division of labor of husband and wife, chen Jungang's wife goes selling hotpot. Just sold the following day, touch went up a big client.
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