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Dimensions raises ovine field how to just can do well
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Hotpot nutrition value is high, accord with structure of current world food forward high protein is low the direction of adipose development; Fleshy sheep is efficient part food grass feeds domestic animal, development accords with national condition popular wishes; Breed the flesh to have investment with hill sheep little, get effective fast, develop effectively not only use resource of careless hill careless slope, and can make full use of the slack season ground, high grade grazing that retreats farmland to cultivate. Traditional hill sheep is raised is give priority to in order to depasture, because a few places are excessive depasture, make ecological balance is destroyed. Current, abandon raise a sheep to already became a kind when raise ovine door option to basically raise pattern.

1.1 raise abandon optional location to ovine field chooses and build Yang She, need basis has degree of goat amount and development dimensions and fund condition, mechanization to wait will establish a program. In the meantime, still answer mature place condition, reduce manufacturing cost to wait. Yang She should be built in relief taller, drainage is good, ventilated and dry, exposed to the sun is pervious to light, the place with enough source of water.

1.2 build Lou Shiyang to abandon Yang She general wide 4 ~ 6 meters, tall 2 ~ 3 meters, length basis raises ovine amount and decide, yang She area becomes a sheep with every 1.5 square metre calculate 1.2 ~ , abandon by build a playground, all round cultivated tree is shady. Floor uses batten, bamboo or fine club nails span 1 ~ 1.5 centimeters bed face, so that dung, make water falls at the ground. Ovine bed can divide column partition, also can do become mobile board area.

1.3 abandon inside requirement and design are abandoned inside become sheep pen of circle of fair sheep pen, ewe, kid circle, fatten with portable wooden fence space, set inside the circle gramineous wearing, feeding rack and water equipment. Abandon inside rely on a wall to install gramineous wearing with batten, gramineous wearing is 1 meter or so tall, interval gives 15 centimeters to be collected widely feed aperture. Makings chamfer can use cement or board makes growing chamfer, go up commonly 25 centimeters wide, below 22 centimeters wide, deep 10 ~ 15 centimeters, bottom land shows arc, had better leave an outward hole giving water. Water setting of equipment edge wall, can choose automatic watering trough, every 3 meters install, also can install cistern or birdbath.

1.4 dipping pool should abandon the piscina establishing drug around in the circle, dipping pool becomes long and narrow pool, deep do not be less than 1 meter, pool base is broad 30 ~ 60 centimeters, make smooth reading is broad 60 ~ 80 centimeters; Entrance end submits brae form, facilitating sheep enters a pool only; Exit end builds the steps leading up to a house that has certain inclined gradient, so that the medical current on ovine body answers a pool inside.
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