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Dimensions is changed abandon defect of diarrhoea of kid of the field that raise
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Kid diarrhoea is ill, it is block up kid grows development, cause the main killer that kid dies. Because its cause of disease is complex, the harm is greater, come on popularity is not had apparent seasonal with regularity but abide, calendar year will be broad scholar all the time, personnel of pasturage vet technology and place of the unit that raise a sheep pay close attention to. Dimensions changes field of complete sheep adding up to raise, kid is the main source of its economy gains, accordingly, how to adopt effective comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment to the technology decreases or control kid diarrhoea disease, change meaning of field of the complete sheep that abandon raise to dimensions great.

1 dimensions changes what abandon defect of farm kid diarrhoea completely to produce an account

1.1 main pathogeny

The sex that cause disease coliform organisms, bacterium of shuttle of family name of the Kingdom of Wei, drug poisoning and cause of disease are microbial mixture infection.

1.2 produce an account

(1) dimensions changes field of the complete sheep that abandon raise to suffer circle of raise fodder, canopy, playground ground to wait for limitation, constitution of ewe of widespread presence production is small, the constitution is poor, childbirth hind is galactic and insufficient, be born kid is hidebound, the circumstance such as congenital inadequacy. After be born like new student kid, fail to eat colostrum or intake inadequacy in time, can create system inside a variety of assimilation enzymatic, vitamin, mineral nurturance waiting for battalion divides lack, kid falls in hungry condition, contamination of easy lap periphery or water filthily bring about hidebound sex diarrhoea thereby.

(2) kid lives the environment is poor, be hard to resist wind snow is freezing, climate changes suddenly, if canopy encircles difference of heat preservation establishment, the circle abandons gloomy and cold moisture to wait, cause kid extremely easily to should stimulate sexual diarrhoea.

(3) environmental sanitation condition is poor, measure of epidemic prevention disinfection is not severe, cause of disease of the sex that cause disease is microbial long-term conceal, after kid is born, through body of tit of umbilical, ewe, ewe the watch reachs lap sundry wait to be able to cause cause of disease microbial invade enteron, right now, kid digestion development had be notted perfect, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretes inadequacy, restrain cause of disease very hard to biologic breeds in great quantities and produce harmful toxin, achieve particular strength to be able to be opposite when this toxin generation of enteron mucous membrane is exciting, absorb a function what affect kid normally, bring about diarrhoea thereby.

(4) should stimulate response big. Dimensions changes field of the complete sheep that abandon raise, use technology of oestrus of the corresponding period mostly, lambing time is centered relatively, lambing amount is large. Kid from be born to give column or Yo to become, should pass hive off, ablactation, a series of work segment such as appraisal of bug of epidemic prevention, drive, every work segment, answer by force namely to kid stimulate, together with, this period breeder job job is heavy, if cannot discover sicken kid in time, have a bit can bring about kid to should stimulate gender or contagious diarrhoea carelessly, die in great quantities even.
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