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How to do well ovine field disinfection
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The purpose that ovine field disinfects is to eliminate infect source diffuse the cause of disease in outside ambient is microbial, cut off transmission way, prevent epidemic disease to continue to spread. Ovine field should build practical alexipharmic system, wait to soil of Yang She ground, excrement and urine, sewage, fur regularly undertake alexipharmic.

Yang She

Yang She is divided keep dry, ventilated, winter beyond warm, Xia Liang, still should do good disinfection at ordinary times. Divide a measure to undertake commonly: The first pace undertakes machinery is swept first; The 2nd pace uses disappear venom. Yang She and playground should be disinfected every week, whole Yang She uses 2 % - natrium of oxidation of 4 % hydrogen is disinfected or with 1 ∶ the 100 poison of 3000 take 1800 ~ ovine disinfection.


Ovine field should set alexipharmic room, indoor wall of two side, top sets ultraviolet lamp, the ground sets alexipharmic pool, with gunny-bag piece or 4 % oxyhydrogen changes straw mattress dip sodium solution, enter personnel should change shoe, wear special coverall, had done register.

Field gate sets alexipharmic pool, often 4 % oxyhydrogen spends in season sodium solution or 3 % cross oxygen second acid to wait. Disinfecting a method is to will disinfect fluid Chengyu atomizer, spray the ceiling, wall, ground, open the door again next the window is ventilated, with feeding rack of clear water scrub, appliance, eliminate of alexipharmic herbal medicines in a prescription. If Yang She has airtight requirement, abandon inside when having a sheep, can close door window, use formalin fumigation 12 hours ~ 24 hours, open a window next ventilated 24 hours, the dosage of formalin is every stere space 50 milliliter of 25 milliliter ~ , add water waiting for a quantity, heat evaporate. Usually, yang She disinfection is weekly 1, undertake big disinfection every year 2 times again. The disinfection of delivery room, undertake 1 times before lambing, undertake for many times when lambing height, the reentry after lambing ends goes 1 times. The gunny-bag that should place dip to 4 % oxyhydrogen changes sodium solution in the passageway point that ill Yang She, segregation sheds piece or straw mattress, lest cause of disease diffuses.

The ground

Edaphic surface can use solution of 10 % bleaching powder, formalin or 10 % oxyhydrogen change 4 % sodium solution. Park crosses contagion of gemma bacili be caused by (like anthrax) the place of ill sheep body, answer to try strictly to disinfect. Spray with afore-mentioned bleaching powder solution above all the ground, next topsoil soil dig up 30 centimeters are controlled, scatter on dry bleaching powder and earth mix, appropriate of this surface soil carry gives bury.

Excrement and urine

Method of disinfection of excrement and urine has a variety of, the most practical method is law of biology hot disinfection, namely in the field that be apart from a sheep 200 meters of places beyond set 100 meters of ~ to pile mucky field, ovine dung accumulation rises, gush a few water, wet mud is enclothed to seal above severe, pile up ferment 30 days of above, can make fertilizer.
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