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Hainan city builds cultivate of 10 thousand high levels to use warm canopy
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Since this year, city of Qinghai province Hainan explores the new approach that the stock raising below condition of tall cold much calamity produces, new way actively, firm catchs construction of stock raising infrastructure, the construction that increased cultivate to use warm canopy especially, promotion and gain ground, the made window that makes structural adjustment of economy of stock raising of entire administrative division, for stock raising synergism, farming herdsman is added close found a new point of growth.
Hainan city begins from 2002 reparative and raised original domestic animal to build a standard with warm canopy, up to now, entire administrative division builds high level cultivate to use warm canopy in all 11204, cultivate used effective ground extensively with warm canopy to improve aquaculture beneficial result. According to investigation, cultivate raises ovine mortality with warm canopy for 0.34% , and open air raises ovine mortality to amount to 5% , young animal survival rate increased 11 percent on average, look from fat affection of the sheep, warm canopy raises a sheep to raise a sheep to drop fat less on average than open air 8 kilogram left and right sides, cultivate of entire administrative division amounts to 95% above with the utilization rate of warm canopy. Expand what construct scale with warm canopy as cultivate ceaselessly, farming herdsman increased high grade forage grass grow an area, abandon raise circle to raise, raised cultivate adequately to use warm canopy integrated utilization rate, make herdsman uses cultivate effectively to use warm canopy, produced the integral effect that already built cultivate to use warm canopy.