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The county that connect short for Weihe River participates in type to rectify a

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The dispatch that connect short for Weihe River connects county of short for Weihe River to help deficient up to develop the working requirement according to ” of both wings of “ an organic whole, combine this county cheek by jowl actual, with found of road of “ terraced field, whole village presses tree typical case, structural adjustment carries benefit, the farmer grooms strong quality, the service is defeated turn add income ” to be a target, firm is caught fulfil, promoted society of economy of country of key of the development that help deficient up good rapid development.

Since 2000, the county that connect short for Weihe River carries out whole village to push a project in all 61, already finished 52, devoted country supports deficient fund 41.36 million yuan. Build terrace newly thirty-one thousand nine hundred mus, village group road 487 kilometers, build the project that carry fill 6 place, add newly irrigate area 250 mus; Fine of promotion ground film makes 7430 mus, chinese traditional medicine material 7058 mus, plant forage grass 33037 mus, build edible bacterium canopy 31, solar conservatory 92, plastic big canopy 3420, build yam to take off poisonous net room 154, develop economic forest circle 3900 mus. Accumulative total gives aid to raise ovine door 678, raise a sheep 4634, raise bovine door 6450. Build firedamp pool 958, build and maintain 6 elementary school, build village form culture to defend strange activity position 51 place, groom farmer technician 26449 people (second) . Pass project construction, make the hill of project village, cropland, water, road gets be administeringed integratedly, zoology environment is great improvement, infrastructure construction is strengthened ceaselessly, the industry that gives priority to with grass of potato, cultivate expands ceaselessly, structural adjustment tends reasonable, effect of the development that help deficient up is distinct. This county helps deficient up to develop key village amount to reduce 171 by 228 of 2000.

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