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Job of test-tube station hybridization runs goat of Hang Jinqi continous good
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E Er is much this the stage is stationed in Zhao Ting of reporter of Hang Jinqi TV station to report: Test-tube station construction acted on goat of Hang Jinqi continous 2008 “ is reasonable use, pay attention to the principle of actual effect ” , consolidate form a complete set perfects continous goat test-tube hybridization stands 156 place, among them goat of white fine hair stands 100 place, fleshy sheep stands 56 place, adopt a contract to turn management entirely, villages and towns and station of the station that use check, station that use check and hybridization station, hybridization and all round farming herd door layer upon layer sign hybridization agreement, came on stage accordingly during " continous goat is test-tube station government measure " , encourage farming the fundamental ewe of herdsman is active on station hybridization, rose greatly high grade of kind of ram cover face and utilization rate. Test-tube hybridization station all amounts to goat of 156 place continous now 4 have “ ” standard, hybridization contract already was signed fulfil, groom in all farming personnel of herdsman hybridization technology 156, all getting on station hybridization ram already raised management through aggrandizement, fat feeling is good, enter hybridization period smoothly. From August begin first, test-tube hybridization job already spread out continous goat in order in the round. End at present, hang Jinqi already finished benefit to use goat of cloth with soft nap of hybridization of test-tube hybridization technology 10526, fleshy sheep 19752