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Raise Chang Xiulin of Yang Zhifu able person
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Farm of Gu Li of Liu Zhencai large reclamation area Chang Xiulin of 4 lines worker, from 60 sheep 5 years ago development arrives now amount of livestock on hand many 500, raise a sheep only, year net income is close 50 thousand yuan. In the practice of a few years that raise a sheep, chang Xiulin fumbles give to raise Yangzhi way successfully. He loves to read the book that raise a sheep, be willing and be full of the person communication of the experience that raise a sheep. Combine what oneself accumulates to raise experience, mastered a skill that raise a sheep gradually, summary is “ 2 words of careful ” . Want to raise the sheep, elaborate, attentive cannot little.     
Early spring, late autumn and whole winter should do well prevent cold heat preservation, should note bizzard weather particularly, want to often be checked to Yang She, every has the place of air leak to want to be repaired in time, door window should hang careless shade. Grazing of part of late autumn period is not withered still dead, should clutch at this moment depasture, let a sheep be collected more as far as possible eat a few green grass, ban eat frost forage grass, after answering Yang She, fill feed forage grass. Weather of deep winter festival is cold, want to turn into warm canopy to abandon raise meticulously, assure forage grass and straw to wait hello makings is ceaseless, the product such as relevant provision soya bean, corn, wheat bran. Drinkable weak brine, nightly fill feed. Let a sheep eat condole grass, a hillock is installed inside column or ligneous high table. Sunshine lets a sheep go out motion, add carry momentum, enhance a constitution, rise fight cold ability.
Winter, chang Xiulin's family is the busiest, this is the crucial period that the sheep ensures embryo and hybridization. Great majority ewe is in gestation, a lot of moment are cannot close a key point all night, family person hospitals nurse by turns. Provide warm environment for new kid. The method is proper with elaborate and meticulous management, the kid survival rate of Home Chang Xiulin is very high, have a loss hardly. Fair ewe is raised apart, prevent to fight collide extruding and fall and chase after urgently artificially wait for the miscarriage that cause. Feed product and weak salt warm water to ewe more. Ewe hybridization should accomplish nonpregnant to match in time, multiple match. In addition, wholesome epidemic prevention cannot treat sth lightly absolutely. Winter sheep contracts the disease such as disease of dysenteric, coliform organisms, streptococcic disease and cold easily. So Chang Xiulin sweeps Yang She frequently everyday, cleared incomplete expects, inject in time by the requirement all sorts of vaccine.
Know the market, aiming at business chance also is one of recipe that Chang Xiulin raises Yang Zhifu. The trough that 2005 is ovine city period, a lot of people lost confidence to raising a sheep, be eager to undersell, and Chang Xiulin however from inside others hand redemptive more than 100 Yang Qun that enrichs oneself, turn spend the New Year come these sheep go out with turning over price to sell, let him earn brushstroke indeed.
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