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Cashmere industry hopeful greets the spring of development
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A few days ago, observe according to the personage inside course of study the analysis thinks, at present the current situation of industry of domestic and international cashmere mixes the basis in light of situation, hopeful of industry of cashmere of near future our country greets the spring of development. The analysis thinks, current, goods of our country cashmere consumes the portion hopeful of the market to rise further in the world; As a result of the addition that cashmere wool deposit measures, fall after a rise of near future of hopeful of raw material price; Accept challenge of pressure of competition of inside and outside, trend of combination of standard of industry resource conformity, byelaw, trend is clear.

Market share promotes

Products of our country cashmere will increase further in the portion of the international market. After our country joins WTO, cashmere goods exit appears to grow apparently, 2003, 2004 two all export the cloth with soft nap that do not have wool year after year 4500 tons of above, exit cashmere sweater 11 million above; 2005, dropped somewhat 2006, but 2006, our country exit is achieved without wool cloth with soft nap collect the forehead to reach 300 million dollar, cashmere sweater is achieved collect the forehead to reach 600 million dollar. 2007 1 to August, our country cashmere and cost of goods exit delivery reached 917 million dollar. Comprehensive information count shows, at present world cashmere consumes the market to have the merchandise of 3/4 above, all produce from China.

Additional, come from international the findings report of orgnaization of a finance says, since 2002, year of growth rate of world cashmere consumption achieved 15% . In the meantime, as people material standard of living rise ceaselessly, domestic cashmere market is progressively also and active in recent years. The message that comes from Chinese dress newspaper shows, although course of study of our country cashmere is in,the proportion in spin garment industry is occupied only 1% the left and right sides, but the market sale that the influence of cashmere course of study was head and shoulders above its industry dimensions and relevant product however. In recent years, our country consumer is on the choice of dress of winter heat preservation, 30% what the consumer of cashmere sweater of choose and buy already occupied gross of heat preservation dress.

The analysis thinks, as the formation of concept of economy of Pacific Area region, sales volume of product of cashmere of annulus Pacific Area also will continue to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Accordingly, concerned personage predicts, hopeful of market of world cashmere spending is in in recent years more active.

Cashmere wool reserves increases

From the point of global limits, our country is the world big country of the first cashmere, cashmere wool produces per year a quantity to occupy the 70% above of global gross, crop of high grade cashmere wool occupies the 95% above of global gross, exit measures the 80% above that take the whole world. In recent years, because amount of amount of livestock on hand of our country goat is large, thoroughbred and change thoroughbred goat proportion to rise ceaselessly, cashmere output is growing steadily. World cashmere is at present annual crop is in about 1. 40 thousand tons - 1. 50 thousand tons, and the cashmere of our country produces per year a quantity to be 10 thousand tons about, occupy the 70 % left and right sides of world total output.
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