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Cashmere industry hopeful greets the spring of development
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Investigation shows, since 2000, goat of cloth with soft nap breeds use the circle that abandon raise to raise mostly, the ability that fights natural disaster increases, progenitive rate rises goat of cloth with soft nap greatly, usually mother goat occupies a goat to plant about group 70% above, current breed aquatics an ewe is annual can kitten, consequently goat of theoretic cloth with soft nap is planted group growth rate is close to likely at 70% . 2005, amount of livestock on hand of goat of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is achieved 3453. 50 thousand, than 2578 2004. 20 thousand are added completely 875. 50 thousand, cashmere crop already broke through 6500 tons 2006.

2000, e Er the group calls together Duosiji agency of each district cashmere has opened a seminar, the seminar concludes after statistical analysis: The conference is held in those days the total output of domestic cashmere is controlled in 10000 tons about. We calculate for base with this the total output of the domestic cashmere wool this year: Breed a method according to past extensive type, the goat is planted group of amounts are average by annual the speed of 30% increases by degrees, that is to say, the total output of cashmere wool has achieved 10000 tons of × this year (1 30%)8 = 81573 tons.

But, we according to above year of growth rate of over world cashmere consumption 15% computation, domestic cashmere total output was 81573 tons 2008, the market can digest 1/2 only at most. Accordingly, of price of cashmere raw material dropping will be inevitable, this is told to enterprise of homebred cashmere brand, in the auspicious chance that instantly is rapid development apparently.

Resource conformity trend is clear

Current, job of our country cashmere had taken stage of the dimensions amount of rapid development growth, after entering autumn stage by stage, the growth of this kind of quantity gets necessarily natural resources is limited of the gender restrict. Future, the industry division of labor of whole cashmere will be more careful, specialization rate will be higher and higher, the consequence of the additional cost of the product and brand also will bigger and bigger, the collaboration between industrial chain will replace internal malign competition, the argue of the brand will wash out price great war. Accordingly, the cashmere industry that builds international to approbate deals standard, government increases the segment such as public service imperative.

On the news briefing of strategy of 2008 cashmere brand that holds in Beijing, concerned expert ever also appealed, the government should give cashmere enterprise to emphasize particularly on in public service respect prop up, the cashmere industry that the help builds international to approbate deals standard, promote Chinese cashmere industry the consequence inside course of study of alive bound cashmere. Stage is provided in essential commerce stimulative activity, the government should support preeminent company to show Chinese cashmere actual strength to the world more, from whole stimulative cashmere industry adds of the value rise.
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